New rebound of the Cryptomarket: Bitcoin on the rise.

The cryptocurrency markets are relatively stable today, July 4, as the Coin360 data is displayed, with the Bitcoin (BTC) on the price of $ 6,500. Most major currencies by market capitalization are seeing lower gains and losses on the day of publication.

Bitcoin is quoted around $ 6,752, almost 3 percent in a 24-hour period. After a significant rebound from June 30, the leading cryptocurrency continues loosely above the $ 6,300 resistance level, which Robert Sluymer of Fundstrat earlier this week highlighted as crucial to reversing the bearish trend of spring.

Top altcoin Ethereum (ETH) is quoted around $ 477 in print time, around 2 percent in the last 24 hours. The weekly maximum of the currency came to trading at $ 483, and its earnings in the week are now at 8 percent at the time of publication.

Ripple (XRP) is significantly outperforming other major alternative currencies, seeing a solid 3 percent gain during the 24 hours to the publication time, trading at $ 0.49. Ripple’s relatively strong growth occurs despite increasing competition in Blockchain-driven platforms that target inter-bank solutions. Today, the European Blockchain trading platform confirmed that it had completed its first online operations today between five large banks and twenty firms, using IBM’s Blockchain platform, backed by Hyperledger Fabric.

In the Coinmarketcap lists, the ten main currencies by market capitalization are mainly green, with Cardano (ADA) as the only outlier, around 1 percent in the 24 hours and quoted at $ 0.158 at the time of publication.

The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies was around $ 277 billion at the time of publication, stable as of yesterday, and significantly higher than a weekly minimum of $ 232.6 billion on June 29. As markets consolidate their rebound at the end of June, the risk of security incidents will need demonstrably robust responses to maintain public confidence.

The largest exchange of cryptocurrencies in the world, Binance, which processed more than $ 1.5 billion in transactions in the last 24 hours, has now resumed its services after irregular patterns for Syscoin (SYS) trade triggered a temporary emergency suspension yesterday, 3 of July.

This week positive news was received from the European Parliament, whose new report advised lawmakers not to “ban” or “ignore” cryptocurrencies, predicting that they “will stay with us for a while.” The report praised global cryptographic transaction networks as “relatively secure, transparent and fast” and characterized cryptocurrencies as “a contemporary form of private money”.

As many (but not all) ICOs fail and move out of the markets, the number of currencies decreases and, therefore, Bitcoin’s share of the market increases.


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