Venezuelan Restaurant Accepts BTC and ONX as payment method.

Bitcoin is a currency used to exchange goods and services. However, unlike other currencies, Bitcoin is an electronic currency that presents novel features and stands out for its efficiency, security and ease of exchange. Its biggest difference from the rest of the currencies is decentralization, nobody controls it, BTC does not have a central issuer, cryptocurrencies are produced by people and companies around the world dedicating a large amount of resources to mining

One of its most attractive features is anonymity. Each person has a “pocket” or “wallet”, virtual, in which they store their Bitcoins and through a delivery system, similar to that of emails, payments are made. Each user has their own Bitcoin address in which they store the money, and the security system allows, among other things, that each Bitcoin be tracked so that it is not used by a person twice in a row.

One of the exclusive restaurants with the longest trajectory in the town of Puerto Ordaz in Ciudad Guayana, is the first and only food establishment to accept cryptoactives as a form of payment in Venezuela. El Portal Grill, one of the exclusive restaurants with the longest trajectory in the town of Puerto Ordaz in Ciudad Guayana, is the first and only food establishment to accept cryptoactives as a means of payment in Venezuela.

In Venezuela, it is adopted and undertaken in a very particular way. Ambition, talent, curiosity and need converge with results that defy the pessimistic vision of the traditional model and open the way to a practical innovation, adapted not only to the public, but to the general circumstances of the nation and especially the situation country that currently overwhelms all Venezuelans. Pablo Pérez, owner of El Portal Grill, decided to turn his services around and ally with his university partner and now CEO of the Blockchain OnixCoin project, Ángel Salazar.

The story behind this initiative starts with the friendship between the two entrepreneurs. Pérez recalls his introduction to the world of cryptoactives with the support of Salazar, deriving his enthusiasm for investing in OnixCoin and Bitcoin mining, until finally including Bitcoin (BTC) and OnixCoin (ONX) as payment in his restaurant.

The promotion of this service is now public, and the payment is simple, only with the calculation of ONX or BTC to bolivars in the account. Whether it’s a roast chicken, a mixed grill plate with contours, drinks and dessert, anyone can make an immediate and efficient payment with cryptoactive in the Guiana locale.

“Currently this alliance has motivated users, through the social networks of Onix, inviting them to consume”, explains Pérez, who does not rule out an adoption with greater impact in the near future, witnessing the interest aroused by this new option, visible in the establishment menu.

The inclusion of the public and other businesses in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem in Venezuela is a task in which both entrepreneurs sign up, seeking to simplify the process as much as possible, especially by OnixCoin with new business partners.

Salazar revealed that the project plan will develop two special solutions to involve more businesses at the national level, including a section in its platform for businesses wishing to join the project, which will generate printable ads with a QR code and the OnixCoin portfolio address. establishment, allowing customers to pay from their cell phones and locals to attract with this new form of payment.

The growth of the Blockchain community nationwide is timid and the cause is the general vision around the technology, explains the engineer. It highlights the need to migrate from the cryptocurrency thinking from the financial point of view to the technological thought, in order to be able to promote the development of solutions with Blockchain.

This means that in order to get more out of technology and interest more professionals in its evolution – and catch up with its neighbors in Latin America – it is necessary to stop seeing Bitcoin as an investment object. Regarding the legal context that exists in Venezuela, framed in a control of change. Ángel Salazar, CEO of OnixCoin, said that “in Venezuela we believe that what is not in the law is not illegal. Cryptocurrencies are not illegal. “

On the other hand, we understood that Bitcoin is an intangible asset that can be exchanged in barter and can be acquired as an asset by a company or natural person.

The capacity for innovation in Venezuela is a diamond in the rough that shows its sparkles in initiatives that defy the retrograde circumstances that its citizens face on many levels. The important thing is to continue innovating, and to continue advancing with each of the opportunities that this technology offers.


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