An offline Cryptocurrency payment platform is built.

Two of the world’s leading digital payment platforms (Pundi X and UTRUST: The World’s Leading Payment Platform) join forces in Singapore to build an offline cryptocurrency payment platform for general adoption.

Who are PUNDI X and UTRUST?

Pundi X is a provider of point-of-sale (“POS”) solutions for multiple cryptocurrencies for retail stores in the world that seek to accept digital currencies. Pundi’s XPOS allows stores, cafes and convenience stores to facilitate the cryptocurrency transaction for the average consumer. Pundi X is based on the success of Pundi-Pundi, one of Indonesia’s favorite QR-free cash-payment applications, which has already registered more than 100,000 users and more than 600 trading partners in Jakarta in less than a year. operation.

For its part, UTRUST is the world’s first payment platform for cryptocurrencies with buyer protection and instant payments. The company is building a global payment platform similar to PayPal with extensive cryptocurrency support. Providing faster, safer and more convenient payments is the ultimate goal of the platform, which will guarantee large-scale adoption and user acceptance. Get more information about the project at

Development of the Cryptocurrency payment offline platform

In this way, the provider of solutions of points of sale (“POS”) market leader, Pundi X, is currently in pilot production and, in the coming weeks, will start shipping to markets such as Singapore, Switzerland and Japan, where POSs will allow merchants to perform off-line cryptocurrency transactions, since Pundi X and UTRUST have signed an agreement to promote cryptocurrency payments in stores and protect them with consumer protection.

Under the terms of an agreement signed today in Singapore, UTRUST is committed to acquiring 1,000 units of Pundi’s XPOS technology, a point-of-sale device that allows retailers to make transactions in, buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies.

Pundi X, in turn, will deploy UTRUST as a liquidity provider for transactions on its devices and will use its technology to settle accounts. UTRUST is a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway and the first cryptocurrency payment platform in the world to implement cryptocurrency solutions focused on the consumer, including the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

Today’s agreement with UTRUST brings the number of Pundi X technology units that have been ordered for the use of customers in global retail to more than 25,000, or more than a quarter of the sales target of 100,000 devices in three years. of the company.

UTRUST, based in Switzerland, has developed an innovative purchasing protection mechanism that can guarantee that cryptocurrencies are traded in a secure environment and at the same time guaranteeing a trusting relationship between the buyer and the seller.

Zac Cheah, CEO and co-founder of Pundi X, offered these words about the association: “This is an important step to promote the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies, which despite taking the world by assault, still remain outside the engine room of the world economy in consumer spending”. “Partnering with UTRUST as our commercial payment settlement portal is a substantial addition to Pundi’s XPOS and gives us a trusted supplier for liquidity, but also for customer safety.”

Nuno Correia, the CEO of UTRUST, offered his reflections on the association;

“We see today, here in Singapore, an association of two cryptocurrency payment projects leaders in blockchain with benefits that flow to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. UTRUST has always been committed to allowing the use of fast, easy and secure cryptocurrencies. Partnering with Pundi X and using its XPOS technology will help us enormously in achieving this goal. “


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