Large Passenger Bus Companies in Brazil Start Accepting Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

Two major passenger bus companies in Brazil have started accepting cryptocurrency payments for ticket sales. The companies say they are the first in the sector to accept crypto payments in the country. One of them has more than 800 buses; the other claims to have the newest and most modern fleet in Brazil.

Three cryptocurrencies are accepted

Therefore, it is reported that two public transportation companies of the GBS Group have decided to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Brasil Sul and Viação Garcia both started accepting BTC payments for online ticket sales on June 6. The crypto payment option has already been added to their websites.

The companies wrote, “In the country, it is the first group of passenger transports to accept” crypto payments, adding that:

“The group opted, initially, to use bitcoin (BTC), the most popular virtual currency on the market today and by July, two other cryptocurrencies will be accepted: bitcoin cash and litecoin.”

As is known, Viação Garcia was founded in 1934. Today, the company is one of Brazil’s five largest companies in the sector, its website claims. “The modern fleet of more than 800 buses runs 5.5 million kilometers per month.” Meanwhile, Brasil Sul’s website claims that the company “has the newest and most modern fleet in Brazil.”

Buy travel tickets or tickets with crypto

The two companies both explained on their websites that “when choosing the bitcoin payment option, the client should open their wallet and scan the code that appears on the site screen.” The purchase is completed after the customer confirms the order.

The voucher will be forwarded to the customer’s email address to confirm the payment and the shipment, both firms similarly noted.

GBS vice president Estefano Boiko Junior indicated that the rest of company’s operations can also be carried out with cryptocurrencies, emphasizing that “the transport sector could not be left behind,” Cripto Tendencias conveyed and quoted him saying:

“Cryptocurrencies represent changes in financial relationships. They facilitate purchases online. Many of the economic and commercial operations are migrating to the digital world and the segment of passenger transport by road could not be different.”

Therefore, it is evident that the cryptocurrency ecosystem is growing, despite the volatility of cripto, it is possible that many users and large companies of goods and services do not want to be left out of this new wave of overcrowding of cryptography, this is a good symptom.

In summary blockchain-bitcoin technology has a long way to go, the cryptocurrency revolution is here to stay and start the path of the massification of this innovative system to democratize wealth in the provision of various services. It waits for new ads.


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