Ucommune establishes its first Blockchain research laboratory.

The Chinese giant of joint work Ucommune has established its first research laboratory of Blockchain technology, marking its official foray into the space of this technology.

The opening ceremony was held in Beijing on Monday. Ucommune said it is starting a blockchain platform for members of its community to build their technology solutions. In addition, they will develop innovative blockchain solutions for joint work spaces on the blockchain platform.

“Our foray into blockchain reflects Ucommune’s commitment to provide decentralized and reliable services to our growing and diversified membership base in the community. The new laboratory will carry out an exhaustive investigation on the Blockchain application for coworking and will develop a document that establishes the reference of the industry. Taking advantage of Blockchain for customized solutions to better serve our Millennials,” said Ma Zhiyu, Director of the Ucommune Blockchain Lab.

Zhiyu seeks to bring blockchain technology to areas such as health, big data, blockchain sourcing, sports games, celebrity IP and copyright training applications and has founded a block chain laboratory called Astar.

CTO of Ucommune, Mr. Xu Binchao will join him in the development of blockchain, he argued: “Ucommune Blockchain Lab aims to enable and enhance a virtual network based on trust that helps companies of various sizes to collaborate , generate and market efficiently and transparently”.

Founded in 2015, Ucommune has a presence in 160 locations in 36 cities around the world. It connects 120,000 individual members and 7,000 corporate members with a total space of 400,000 square meters.

Source: ChinamoneyNetwork , Blocktribune

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