The Main Cryptocurrencies Continue to Give News.

This weekend more than $ 35 million dollars were eliminated from the cryptocurrency markets as Bitcoin (BTC) tested the resistance of $ 10,000, to go back. According to data from Coinmarketcap, “The total capitalization of the market, which approached half of the trillion on May 5, has now been reduced to $ 429 billion in press time” The Bitcoin (BTC) is quoted at $ 9,226, in a decrease of 3 percent during the 24-hour period. The cryptocurrency reached $ 9,900 on Saturday and returned to the support level of $ 9,500 on Saturday, to keep falling

For its part, Ethereum (ETH) is quoted at $ 703, almost 8 percent in a 24-hour period. Senior SEC and CFTC officials should discuss a possible safety rating for ETH within a short time, but it is unclear whether a decision or even a public statement will be made.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen a correction today, after impressive gains earlier this week. The currency is quoted at $ 1,617 at the time of publication, more than 5 percent during the 24-hour period, and 3 percent against BTC, as shown by the Coinmarketcap data.

It should be noted that, Coinmarketcap removed the pro-BCH website from its Bitcoin page, apparently as a result of a recent campaign carried out by BTC supporters who were angry about the alleged misrepresentation of the site’s distinction between the sites. two coins.

For his part, the former Wall Street executive, Michael Novogratz, known as one of the richest people in crypts at the beginning of this year, was fully introduced into the cryptocurrency market in 2015, after a lucrative 26-year career in Wall Street, both in Goldman Sachs and in the Fortress Investment Group. According to Bloomberg, Novogratz was able to raise $ 250 million for its new company, the commercial bank Digital Galaxy cryptocurrencies

Which opined about the Bitcoin vs. BTC debate in a tweet where he defended the situation of the BTC as the original cryptocurrency mentioned in Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 white paper, and the real holder of the Bitcoin brand.

He said “Enough is enough. The core of Bitcoin is the BTC. It is a store of value. It’s digital gold. It is market capitalization that dwarfs Bitcoin cash. If you want to be a currency for payments, by definition, you need to have stable value. So, why have it?

The Novogratz tweet was a response to a May 4 entry on Twitter for the Bitcoin Cash promotion, dubbed @Bitcoin. The entry of @Bitcoin stated that Bitcoin Cash “is the oldest cryptocurrency” and that “Bitcoin Core (BTC) is an experimental currency project that does not have a “white document”.

The fight between BTC and BCH has almost reached the point of a lawsuit at the end of last month. Members of the pro BTC community started a campaign to raise funds for a lawsuit alleging that the internet service and crypto (run by BCH defender Roger Ver) was intentionally tricking buyers into acquiring BCH by defocusing its distinction from the BTC. However, Cointelegraph, reported that the claim has been dismissed, with the organizers, citing the lack of funding.

In detail, according to the CoinCrispy publication:

“It is alleged that had prompted the purchase of Bitcoin cash, using the confusion of users not so familiar with the terms. On his website he used to name the cryptocurrency “Bitcoin cash” as “Bitcoin”, while the Bitcoin were named “Bitcoin core”, never used in the community. Those who bought and sent their funds “BTC”, having in reality “BCH”, to their electronic wallets, only ended up losing their money “.

Apparently, more than 1,000 users joined the demand in the Telegram group, which also included figures like Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, Calvin Ayre, CEO of Coingeek, as well as the founders of the Nakamoto Institute, Pierre Rochard, among others.

However, MoneyTrigz, administrator of the Telegram group, reported closing the group and put an end to the demand, since the amount collected only reached 0.39 BTC ($ 3,760).

All the above highlights that again uncertainty and fear is generated despite the good amount of bullish news from last week, where a war has been forged by seizing the market and misleading offers will follow the events of cryptocurrencies that continue to speak.


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