Ready the wallet of the Petro Cryptocurrency for Android.

A wallet is a software that makes an encrypted wallet or virtual wallet granting total security to save, send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum or any cryptocurrency or data. Wallets can be compatible with a single cryptocurrency, such as official portfolios, or on the other hand, multi-crypto portfolios, commonly created by third parties.

In the technical document or White Paper of the Petro it is indicated that the wallet or digital wallets “empower the users and the organizations on the management of their finances, so that they themselves become the owners of the banks, and not only of the bank account, by having a “digital wallet” or wallet to keep your cryptocurrencies.

Once you open your wallet or wallet of the Petro, it will generate an electronic address that can be shared with those who want to transfer PTR to your wallet. In that electronic address you will be able to receive and deposit your PTRs.

If you wish to change your PTRs for another type of cryptoactive or fiduciary currency, you must only access any of the electronic exchange sites authorized by the Republic (for Bs / PTR operations) or any of the international exchange houses that accept PETRO.

In this way, on the website of the cryptocurrency ( the link was activated for the Google Play store from where you can download the Android version of the application that allows you to save the acquired petros, the wallet It is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

The Google Play platform indicated that more than 1,000 downloads of the application have been registered and there are 44 comments about its operation.

To participate in the public offer, users must complete the following steps:

  1. Subscribe to the digital platform, and enter your data and an email address to receive the codes and information necessary to continue with your transactions.
  2. The user will receive a message with a link that will direct him to a download portal of the petro wallet. This will automatically download a file called “petro_wallet”, which you must execute.
  3. Then you must open the wallet and click on sign up, then on simple wallet, ready and next.
  4. Proceed to create the wallet and assign a secure password.
  5. Move the cursor randomly over the wallet and click on “understood”.
  6. Press download and save the wallet file in a safe place.
  7. Press “show private key” and copy the seed key (a string of 64 hexadecimal characters) to store it in a safe place.
  8. Click on “I have my private key and password” and then on “I agree”.
  9. Select the wallet in the “select wallet” drop-down, enter the password and press “sing in”.
  10. On the right side of the top bar you must click on the “account” option.
  11. To finish, locate the “address” button, in which the address of your wallet will appear, to receive your petros correctly.

The data package for the creation of the digital wallet is configured to self-destruct once its installation is complete. For this reason, it is necessary to copy the seed key of the 64 characters and keep it protected in order to acquire the cryptocurrency.

Reference: cienciaconciencia

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