Coinbase improves its platform by acquiring Cipher Browser

The exchange house Coinbase continues to expand its business and has already announced the acquisition of the Ethereum mobile wallet Cipher Browser, which will be used to reinforce its own product with similar characteristics.

Cipher Browser is a mobile dapp search engine and a wallet for the Ethereum blockchain. It allows the user to interact with dapps with Ethereum technology on their mobile device and facilitates the secure storage, sending and receiving of Ether and ERC20 tokens. In addition, Cipher Browser also offers a decentralized Web 3 application browser (Dapp).

tweet from the official account Cipher Browser

Cipher Browser said it would merge many of its features with Toshi, a decentralized mobile browser launched by Coinbase developers. In addition, the founder of Cipher Browser, Peter Kim, will assume the position of new head of engineering in Toshi.

Coinbase vice president of communications, Rachel Horwitz said:

“Coinbase always seeks to acquire the best equipment and technologies in cryptography spaces. Given the similarity of our product visions, we are happy to join forces with Pete, who will become Toshi’s engineering chief along with Sid Coelho-Prabhu, product leader of Coinbase for Toshi. In the coming weeks, we will merge certain characteristics of Cipher in Toshi.”

Coinbase has been announcing new strategies lately. A few weeks earlier, the popular cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S. hired LinkedIn’s former vice president of corporate development. Emilie Choi, who took the helm as new vice president of corporate and commercial development of Coinbase, also, a few days ago it was learned that they are planning to make another acquisition: this is the case of, a page recognized by its application to win several Daily satoshis doing simple tasks.

Sources: NewsBitcoin , BTCManager

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