The Dizzy Growth of the Price of Cryptocurrencies Continues

The rapid growth of the Cryptocurrency continues at an advanced stage, which started on April 11, when the Bitcoin rally began, followed by other cryptocurrencies. On April 12, Bitcoin saw the largest commercial volume of an hour in its history, as the Price recovered in more than $ 1,000 in a thirty minute period.

On April 13 Bitcoin (BTC) continues to grow, April 14 is above $ 8,000 and the Ethereum (ETH) above $ 500. Bloomberg writes that there were more than 38,000 positions of Bitcoin from April 12 in Bitfinex, Reviewing CoinMarketCap, the top ten green currencies are presented, with gains of more than 10 percent on the day.

IOTA has experienced the highest growth, more than 35 percent in a 24-hour period and currently trades around $ 1.42. Many experts try to give a logical explanation to the increase of these cryptocurrencies, among which is Tom Lee of Fundstrat, attributed this increase “to the news of Santander that they would launch an international payment service based on Blockchain with Ripple, that the sale of cryptocurrencies for taxes is almost at its end, and that speculative short investors are being driven out of the market by the increase, “which is highlighted in Bloomberg.

Similarly, Miguel Shwiezer, co-founder of hedge fund Quantia Capital, points out that the increase in cryptocurrency prices is due to the following news: “billionaire investor George Soros would start making his family office quote in cryptocurrencies, the arm Rockefeller’s venture capital company partnered with Coinfund to support the development of crypto and Blockchain, and a Goldman Sachs executive joined a future crypto merchant bank of Mike Novogratz. ”

Similarly, it can be seen that experts continue to forecast Bitcoin’s bullish prices, among them, Fundstrat Global Advisors co-founder Tom Lee, told CNBC that the price of Bitcoin could reach $ 25,000 in eight months

In the same vein, investment tycoon Tim Draper has reconfirmed his belief in the bigger and better future of Bitcoin, telling the audience at his own Blockchain event that $ 250,000 was his price target for Bitcoin by 2022. Brian Kelly of CNBC Fast Money said it supports investor Tim Draper’s prediction that the Bitcoin price could reach $ 250,000 by 2022.

Also, the crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital predicted that BTC will reach $ 20,000 again by the end of this year, since the $ 6,500 mark was a likely fund.

As you can see the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, it seems that the predictions of experts are being met by 2018 where they point out that this cryptocurrency will reach high prices, so that apparently the market crypto continues to grow.

Referencia: cointelegraph, cointelegraph

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