Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are promoted from the industry itself.

In these moments when the cryptocurrencies have lost a considerable amount of money (value), for example, for the month of February of this year, you could already display information like the following; “The bitcoin sinks to $ 8,000, and its falls and the regulatory siege activate all the alerts in the cryptocurrency market, deflating the losses by more than 400,000 million dollars.” This figure is disastrous, in a volatile market, threatens the health of the ecosystem, many investors, they will think again, to buy a cryptocurrency again, it is most likely to get away very annoying.

In terms of capitalization, this collapse translates into a loss of more than 160,000 million dollars (around 128,000 million euros) only in the case of bitcoin. This amount of money is appreciable, it disappeared from the hands of those who trusted that their investment was safe, this figures are thought-provoking and must be corrected from the same ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, otherwise the market can contract and trust is lost, you have to formulate strategies that are implemented from the industry.

In this sense, if we do a bit of history, the prices in 2017, the bitcoin was close to a record in terms of prices, then go back in a percentage that can not support the average investor.

This percentage is close to 60% if you take as a reference the nearly $ 20,000 that reached its historical records in mid-December. At the time of writing this article, its price fluctuates and stands at $ 6,857, a loss of $ 13,143 is reflected, a very significant figure that can distance investors, both individuals and Institutional, the economic funds managed by savings banks, forecast They will think twice before investing in a volatile market like the one they are presenting.

Therefore, many of these potential investors are waiting in order to make the best decision before placing the estate of years of work. Of course this worries users and they advocate a more realistic appreciation with sustainable prices over time, which is difficult to achieve.

Another of the ads that concern is the regulation from the corresponding entities. Countries like South Korea that have accepted cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoin, already have sovereign regulation and may have contributed to the price drop in the cryptocurrency. For the month of January 2018, the following information is read.

“South Korea launched on Tuesday a system that prevents the purchase of cryptocurrencies in the country with anonymous accounts to avoid money laundering and other crimes at a time marked by the efforts of the States to regulate these markets.” Taking into account that South Korea has an important market, investors look for other alternatives and fiat money goes to other riches.

“It is believed that about 3 of the 50 million South Koreans have invested in the electronic currency market, especially the popular bitcoin and ethereum currencies.” Therefore, this may be one of the causes of the slowdown in prices.

On the other hand, the ads seen in social networks where it is seen that companies like Facebook could prohibit the propaganda towards cryptocurrencies and ICOs, but it is announced that this company wants to monetize with a Token its services, that is to say it prohibits ICOs, but wants to launch its own, this is announced, “The announcement of Facebook, which would prohibit ads that have to do with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, in its” Ads Ads “platform, has made things very difficult for those who promote your company related to cryptocurrencies, such as, for example, cryptocurrency pages and new ICOs.

Another strategy that Twitter has implemented is to prohibit this information in its networks “The US social network Twitter will prohibit advertising on cryptocurrencies in its platform in order to stop fraud attempts,” the company announced on Monday, adding to similar initiatives of other large groups that operate on the internet “.

What is not announced is that the scams have a date long before the birth of the cryptocurrencies, the deception is apparently as old as the society itself, does not belong to this ecosystem, you may already see in the cryptocurrency a possible revolution in the financial industry based on cryptocurrencies and is attacked with ferocity.

Now the same ecosystem of cryptocurrencies must take seriously the role it can play in this industry and should promote and practice good deeds, provide confidence, form groups from the same Exchange, to start the crusade to detect Scam scams, possible practices Ponzi, in social networks it is routine to see how they promise the easy wealth of up to 100% income, without doing anything, then the minority investor discovers that they cheat him. These practices can be alerted from the same ecosystem.

On the other hand the cybersecurity in the Exchange places between said the honorability of these companies, in this year 2018 the company located in Japan Exchange Coincheck, was victim of a hack or robbery of approximately $ 500 million in cryptocurrencies, that is read in the information “Coincheck has reported the possibly inappropriate transfer of $ 532 million in NEM operations to the Financial Services Authority and the Police, according to Nikkei.”

Everything previously narrated, threatens the good health of the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, therefore: trust, honesty, security, transparency, financial education, among other things, should be followed and cultivated from the same ecosystem, as a good promotion from the own industry, otherwise it is possible that large investments never arrive and the growth of this revolutionary blockchain-bitcoin industry stagnates. It waits for new ads.,,,

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