Experts make forecasts about Bitcoin in 2018.

The Cryptocurrency from its origin in 2009, has had ups and downs, therefore, its future is unpredictable. What is certain is that their adoption grows stronger every day, awakening the interest of businesses, financial markets, investors, media and people who simply want a fast, global and safe means of payment.

In this sense, the growth of Bitcoin is undeniable. Therefore, many experts, knowledgeable about the financial market dare to forecast their growth during 2018, in this way, a considerable group will succeed and others not since in the growth of its value there are many variables among them the game of the demand and supply.

However, different opinions are presented in relation to the trend of this currency for the year 2018, for which an analysis of experts with trajectory and credibility in the financial market was carried out, among the most encouraging predictions are:

Jamie Burke, CEO of Outlier Ventures, an investment-focused venture capital firm of Blockchain and Blockchain’s first European incubator, said “We believe that after February, the market will probably go into a bullish benchmark if it is not higher than the year. past, reaching the mark of a trillion dollars before an appropriate winter crypto is established in which the market focuses more on the fundamentals of the market. “

Likewise, the entrepreneur and computer expert, pioneer in cybersecurity, founder of the McAfee antivirus John McAfee, said Bitcoin “would reach a value of 500,000 dollars in 2020”

For his part, Thomas Glucksmann, head of business APAC in Gatecoin, in the cryptocurrency market, says “There is no reason why we can not see the Bitcoin reaching $ 50,000 by December.” He also explained that “A possible appetizer for the encierristas, or the catalyst for recovery, will be the launch of another instrument backed by cryptocurrencies included in a major exchange. There are several candidates in preparation, it is only a matter of time until we have an ETF backed by cryptocurrencies (fund listed on the stock exchange). “

Likewise, Ran Neuner, CNBC’s CryptoTrader program presenter, “predicted that Bitcoin would reach $ 50,000 by the end of 2018.”

Likewise, Dr. Julian Hosp, cryptocurrency entrepreneur, co-founder of financial technology company TenX, predicted “I think we will see Bitcoin reach the $ 60,000 mark, but I also believe that we will see Bitcoin reach the $ 50,000 mark. The question is, however, ‘which one will arrive first?’

In the same sense, Ronnie Moas, founder of Standpoint Research, who for years has been dedicated to making investment recommendations in the stock market, affirms that “the value of Bitcoin will be between 25,000 and 50,000 dollars in the next decade”.

In this order of ideas, James Altucher The expert in self-help, an American writer, hedge fund manager, podcaster, and cat-of-all-trade financier ensures that “the Bitcoin will reach one million dollars in three years”. It supports this data in the limited supply of Bitcoin: “There are only 21 million bitcoins mined in history. This will also boost demand. “

At the same time, Yann Quelenn, analyst at the Swissquote European online bank, believes that the Bitcoin “will reach one hundred thousand dollars by 2020”.

In turn, Michael Graham, analyst expert in cryptocurrency, analyst Canaccord Genuity, notes that “2018 will be the year in which institutions join the trend of cryptocurrencies.”

In the same vein, Air Paul, CIO of BlockTower Capital, predicts that “the value of Bitcoin will vary between $ 4,000 and $ 30,000 over 2018”.

Likewise, Yuri Pripachkin, president of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RAKIB, for its acronym in Russian), believes that Bitcoin cryptocurrency could increase more than six times its value. “It’s quite real that its price reaches $ 100,000”

In turn, Svetlana Ivanova, vice president of the investment house Prime Capital. Josh Olszewicz, analyst of Brave New Coin, Gleb Kostariov head of the press service of Waves Platform in Russia, agreed that “The price of Bitcoin will continue to grow and reach $ 50,000 during the year,” predicted Tanto, share the same forecast.

Among those who make less encouraging forecasts are:

Jackson Palmer, founder of Dogecoin, one of the largest cryptocurrencies, who has said that Bitcoin “is going to hurt a lot of middle class people when this huge bubble explodes.” His prediction is that “the price of Bitcoin reaches the figure of $ 30,000 by the end of 2018 and then sink to $ 5,000.” He also points out that “Dogecoin has been a marketing and educational tool to raise awareness about Bitcoin”

Michael Novogratz, hedge fund tycoon, investment manager, said “Bitcoin could reach $ 40,000 easily by the end of 2018 because it is beginning to be more than a crypto currency after its inclusion in the Chicago futures market.”

However, he also believes that “in the short term, there may be brutal corrections that lead to losing more than 50% in a few days, which could unleash panic in the market.” He predicts that the price will stabilize between “$ 10.000 and $ 16,000. “

Saxo Bank is a Danish investment bank that operates online, says that “the Bitcoin will rise to $ 60,000 during 2018, but it will fall to $ 1,000, for a strategic alliance between Russia and China, to create their own cryptocurrencies.”

Seen in this way Bitcoin cryptocurrency in a very short time, has achieved an amazing revaluation, gaining an important position in the financial market, as one of the best alternatives for economic management.

The overall perspective is optimistic enough during the year 2018. In this sense, I consider that nobody has a magic wand with which to be able to tell the real behavior of this cryptocurrency, perhaps the experience, analysis and knowledge of some experts helps to make a certain Prediction, in other cases the opinions against are due to experts who have other preferences in relation to cryptocurrencies, but in such a changing world the bitcoin cryptocurrency will consolidate before the confidence that many investors have in it.


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