The potential of the Blockchain continue to increase

The blockchain technology is a chain of blocks, a kind of automated database, which stores all operations that are carried out in it, without these being modified, since each transaction is connected to the previous one (this depends on the guarantee of your safety). In this way, this technology favors the construction of systems that are not under the control of a corporation or an individual, but of the community that uses them.

In this way, the Blockchain technology is penetrating many industrial, business and personal fields, offering an endless number of procedures that favor safety and speed in the operations it performs, hence the boom that is currently having, therefore, Some cases are presented in which some of the potentialities of this technology are shown at present.

Firstly, the agreement between the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Accenture Argentina and the NGO Bitcoin Argentina for the development of a Financial Inclusion and Digital Identity project in vulnerable neighborhoods of the city of Buenos Aires stands out. will use the Blockchain technology. It seeks to support the integration of its inhabitants through digital identity based on Blockchain technology.

BNSF Railway Co., one of the main railway companies in the United States. has announced the incorporation of the Blockchain technology as part of a conglomerate of companies that make up the Transport Alliance, created for the joint use of Bitcoin’s support technology.

In the same way, the Porsche automobile manufacturer in partnership with the startup XAIN, according to Oliver Döring, Porsche Financial Strategist, announced that it is testing Blockchain technology to improve the functionality and safety of its vehicles.

For its part, Betrium, a Blockchain solution for the world of betting. Offers a new gaming business open to a broad audience, with low commissions and without the need to pay personal taxes. Betrium will launch the alpha version of the betting exchange with its mobile apps for iOS and Android.

In turn, Kodak has launched KodakOne that uses the Blockchain to create a digital book of property rights for photographers, an announcement that tripled the price of the company’s stock.

Kind Ads is an ecosystem built on blockchain in which users receive tokens in exchange for their data. It is a decentralized advertising network in which they are rewarded more fairly and no fees are charged to advertisers. Users can choose at any time who and how they can use their data and also specify the amount of advertising they want to see, thus avoiding the unwanted saturation of ads, ending the hegemony of Facebook and Google.

Plaza Systems MerchantChain plans to raise up to 100,000 ETH during its token generation event to fully develop and bring to market a specific blockchain for e-commerce called MerchantChain and a set of family consumer touch points that interact with it, including Intelligence Artificial mobile and desktop assisted applications, a smart speaker and a debit card. It is a Total bCommerce solution.

The US Postal Service (USPS) filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) describing a “digital infrastructure that can offer secure messaging and authentication services,” which includes Blockchain technology as one of its components.

Ana Paula Assis, General Manager of IBM Latin America, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, announces the investment of 5.5 million dollars in the construction of a Blockchain project incubator for Latin America. The development center seeks to build a new generation of applications based on the block chain, with the growth potential of the subcontinent as the north.

Seen in this way, the Blockchain Technology promises to continue revolutionizing through its diversity of corporate potential. The numerous and innovative pilot projects that are being developed continue to attract the attention and collaboration of large multinationals that show the potential of this technology.

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