The cryptocurrencies in the decentralized economy.

Since the creation of blockchain-bitcoin as a single body many things have happened, some claim that this project was born as a response to the financial crisis, in what is known as the financial bubble of “junk” mortgages that occurred in the US. that led to the collapse of small and large savers, the institutions formed by the pension fund worldwide lost their assets, the government of this world power, injected money from the federal reserve to refloat the banks, from then on there is distrust in the traditional financial system.

Then the great changes have been seen at the level of vertigo, have emerged what is called the collaborative economy, one of the most visible is Uber, Air B & b, among others, there are people who contribute their efforts with work and dedication, his position behind these corporations is a whole idea of innovation and knowledge, and is reflected in Uber power is worth nine times more than the oil YPF, the company that revolutionizes urban transport reached a valuation of about US $ 62,500 million. There are great criticisms regarding the precarization of the worker, but the system continues its course.

Therefore, it is evident that traditional companies with employees who depend on a boss, tend to disappear and each of the workers is described as “autonomous”, this is a concept that has been penetrating the new way of doing business , so that the “decentralized economy” arises, as it is always thought that the one who does business has no “heart in the chest”, some governments accept these new companies and want to be in the stock market, Dara Khosrowshahi said. “The IPO of Uber is one of the exits to stock exchanges of a signature coming from Sillicon Valley more awaited by the investors. However, on Wall Street they had warned that, due to public scandals and internal conflicts, the technology company would not get good support from investors if it was looking for stock market funding. “

The narrative above, has to do with the new way of generating income for shareholders, some companies grow so much that it becomes impossible to manage, therefore, new ideas arise, with decentralized economies, in them plays a transcendental role cryptocurrencies, each one fulfills a function.

In these new economies plays an important role blockchain technology allows the emergence of new fully decentralized organizations where users are the only workers and therefore become diffuse organizations, in which there are no employees or entrepreneurs but a community. It is the evolution of open source tools. Taking advantage of the blockchain technology, each time someone contributes to that platform, in exchange virtual currency (tokens) is received, as we have just explained. This is what has come to be called DAOS (Descentraliced Autonomous Organizations).

Of course, the application of these new ways of doing a job and receiving a remuneration, is not available to all workers, those who understand it have contact with new technologies, so that mass is needed a lot of education, prepare students from formal education explain what it is, that is a task that involves resources and human capital, modern times are changing, how to explain that there is no longer a boss, visible that each worker in “autonomous” that should give their own salary. Therefore, it is a task to be solved, it is to create an ecosystem interconnected by tokens that are exchanged for products and services, online.

It is possible that in a few years a true decentralized economy can be given and in that space is that cryptocurrencies will play a decisive role. The idea that we could use a few “bytes” to simulate money as we know it now, was a mockery reason on the part of the generalized society, you could hear things like, “nerds”, they do not have an occupation or they are inventing meaningless things. Today it is a reality after 10 years, compared to the fiat money system, it is a moment of time.

The examples of rapid growth of decentralized networks have left a space for the creation of a decentralized economy. The totally decentralized social network in which users can share quality content and be remunerated for it, the truth that draws attention. I would not be surprised to see in the not too distant future many people using steemit as an alternative to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram among others. Maybe it does not take long to see this phenomenon.

If we take the following idea “If we add to this the value of all the cryptocurrencies that are based on the same technology, we find that an economy of impressive value is being generated and, in passing, the idea that it really has It makes sense to think of economic and social models that work in a decentralized way, where trust is no longer deposited in governments or people to be deposited in mathematics and software. ” Therefore, it is possible for society as a whole to build a decentralized economy.

In order to finalize the cryptocurrencies in the not too distant future they will be able to help the ecosystem to apply a governance that does not harm the interests of those involved in the decentralized economy.

The idea of decentralization is that, like a peer to peer software, nobody has a central control of what happens. Therefore, no one can dictate; It is not an authoritarian regime and all hierarchies and all dogmas are eliminated. The centralized systems, to which we are accustomed, have points of failure. That is, if a point that is at the top of the hierarchy fails, the system may collapse.

On the other hand, in decentralized systems this does not happen, since the model is horizontal, and if one point fails, there are many other points at the same level, so nothing is lost. That is to say, in a decentralized society we try that we are all dispensable and that we can not do harmful damage to the rest of society, even if we want to. The subject is given an individuality and freedom according to his will. Everything is based on consensus and active attitude.

In summary, cryptocurrencies, including of course the blockchain-bitcoin technology, have a role in the construction of a decentralized economy, each member of this large ecosystem can contribute value in the construction and receive their tokens according to the added value. It waits for new ads.


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