The Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Will Continue to Maintain its Leadership.

Although Bitcoin prices continue to fall, due in many cases to market strategies, it can be noted that many investors continue to maintain confidence in this cryptocurrency, which continues to lead the digital financial world, since it emerged in 2009.

In this regard, investor Peter Thiel, one of the richest men in the US and an entrepreneur close to President Donald Trump, co-founder of the PayPal digital payments platform and in the field of venture capital has been successful with Founders in Silicon Valley, where it has more than 3,000 million dollars under management and participates in more than a hundred companies, such as Airbnb, SpaceX or Lyft. In this sense, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, has indicated that it is one of the investors that has bet heavily on Bitcoin, bought between 15 and 20 million dollars in Bitcoin last year. Peter Thiel stated that “he still trusts Bitcoin, and that he is more optimistic than before with the cryptocurrency”.

For its part, according to sources of Bloomberg, the English investor Alan Howard, co-founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management, who is one of the richest men in the world, made significant investments in cryptocurrencies during 2017, and would be interested to invest even more money in cryptoactive and in Blockchain technology. Which has made large investments in cryptocurrencies to obtain incredible returns in a short period of time. In this way, you can see how these great entrepreneurs and millionaires are still betting on Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies, for something will be.

In turn, Digital Currency Group, the investment group specialized in the cryptocurrency sector founded by Barry Silbert, has pointed out that “Banks can no longer ignore Bitcoin”. Thus, the multinational company MasterCard has made a significant investment in the Bitcoin ecosystem and cryptocurrencies with other companies such as: Bain Capital Ventures, Canadian Imperial Bank of Comerce (CIBC), CME Ventures, FirstMark capital, MasterCard , New York Life, Novel TMT, Oak HC / FT, RRE Ventures, Solon Mack Capital, and Transamerica Ventures, are new investors in the Digital Currency Group, which have driven countless startups that make use of Bitcoin and / or technology blockchain, through seed capital investments.

Likewise, the Wall Street Journal reports that the second largest stock exchange in the world, the National Association of Securities Dealers of Automated Quotations (Nasdaq) will offer Bitcoin futures in mid-2018. Along the same lines, Shawn Matthews brokerage The brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald said they are going to negotiate financial products linked to Bitcoin during 2018. As far as you can see Bitcoin has the potential to become a durable standard cryptocurrency in the financial markets. As stated by Leif Ferreira, director of Bit2Me “the bitcoin will be widespread in 2022 in a massive way and will quote about 30,000 dollars within two years”

It should also be noted that, the development team of the Lightning Network has signaled the launch of its new beta mainnet (lnd 0.4) called ‘Lightning Network Daemon’ (LND), facilitating micro transactions. Changing the potential of Bitcoin to convert it into a conventional global currency that is instantaneous and cheap to make. Its goal is to increase the performance of Bitcoins, reduce transaction fees and increase the speed of payment.

As can be seen, there are large investors that even given the conditions of the global financial market, existing prohibitions, and possible regulations on cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, this remains in force, despite the speculative news that creates panic, in this sense , in my opinion, Bitcoin will continue to lead the world of cryptocurrencies, it will continue to improve, potentially becoming more efficient, as the cryptocurrency of reference in the world. For something, big investors and global corporations are still betting on Bitcoin.


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