Blockchain projects for land negotiation will be launched in India.

The government of India, Maharashtra is going to launch blockchain pilot projects in the divisions of Pune and Konkan, in an attempt to make land transaction data more secure.

Recent reports suggest that the state was considering launching five to six blockchain pilot projects in the state in collaboration with new companies.

The main secretary (TI-Maharashtra) SVR Srinivas called the blockchain technology an “infallible system”, adding that: “Once the data is entered into the system in the case of land transactions, it can be seen by all departments involved. Any change made by someone will be registered immediately. This will improve security and make the process transparent.”

The department has prepared the proof of concept blockchain, while it will be tested in select cities of the income divisions of Pune and Konkan. Thereafter, it will be extended to the rest of the state.

“The land transaction is the first objective, before deploying the technology in the other sectors. We will follow the model of Andhra Pradesh. The southern state has been linked to new companies to implement the blockchain technology, “ said Srinivas.

In addition to land transactions, the government is considering the implementation of blockchain in sectors such as financial inclusion, land registers, financing of the supply chain, goods and agricultural insurance and registration of motor vehicles.

Source:  IndianTimes , MasterBuilder 

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