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Take pictures and earn money – this is perhaps the dream of every user of social networks with visual content. Unfortunately, the current well-known resources do not allow their users to earn on their own content, except advertising. But is such type of the relationship fair?

Overall, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VK and other equally popular social networks owe their demand to their own users, as they also are engaged in the expansion and promotion of these very resources.

All the misunderstandings between users and social networks have been taken into account by developers of the new social platform SELFLLERY, which is designed to solve the issue of visual content monetization. The presented platform provides an opportunity for authors to earn money for publishing their content.

The Play Store already has an MVP version that will be available for download in the App Store at the beginning of March. Those who register on the platform before TGE, starting on March 5, will have an increased coefficient of charging YOU tokens. Users will receive cryptocurrency for the likes under their own photos, as well as for participation in photo contests, photo quests, advertising campaigns and for selling photos into the photobank. Each user will be a member of the platform rating, the position in which depends on the total number of received likes, comments and photo views. The rating affects the token accrual coefficient etc.

YOU tokens can be used to buy goods and services in the marketplace, for charity purposes or simply transferred to the Ethereum wallets.

Donations to charities are the main focus of SELFLLERY. Everyone has the right to estimate their own percentage of donations for saving animals, medicine for children, assistance after natural disasters and other good deeds. The platform allows its users to make donations from 5% to 100% of earned tokens. This is an amazing opportunity to involve as many people as possible in helping the needy. Everyone who joins the charity can be confident that the money will 100% reach the recipient due to the blockchain technology, which provides deduction transparency.

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3 Responses

  1. Viktor Frankenhtein says:

    This project allows you to earn on what I really like. It gives me great pleasure to monetize my hobby photos. I’ve been testing this application for a month already, and believe me, it’s great!

  2. korbosit says:

    its a good project I wish you good luck

  3. Joseph says:

    This project has a perspective. I plan to invest. The benefits of this project are presented for many.

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