Why the Citizens of Venezuela Should Worry about their Cryptocurrency the Petro.

After the launch of the cryptocurrency the Petro by the government of Venezuela, information is emerging in various media, digital, digital magazines, digital newspapers, Blog specialists in Finance, among others, likewise, diverse countries, in terms of their politics, as well as in religious beliefs, it seems or can be seen that the blockchain-bitcoin technology awakens; passions, faith, horizons of possibilities and, above all, financial freedom for those who cultivate it, bringing out the best for their societies.

In this article, we will try to walk, for various news, from credible sources, specialized blogs, even on social networks. In this sense, we see the following: “While there are not many clear things about the new cryptocurrency backed by the Venezuelan state, the petro, what is evident is that many think it is potentially harmful to the people of the country.” In this message the doubt is reflected, it is “harmful to the people”, it is not mentioned that Venezuela is besieged, by the international financial system and by the greatest world power in nuclear, conventional weapons, with an unarmed people and that wants the best for his country, that is to say that the action of a Sovereign government is disqualified from the beginning.

“Hard and fast details have been sparse about the crypto token launched by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Feb. 20. But, from its inception, the cryptocurrency was touted by the leader as a way to bypass financial sanctions (last month alone, the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned four Venezuelan generals for corruption), ” the truth is that even the President himself has been unilaterally sanctioned, without a trial, therefore, it is not possible for the President or his Ministers to buy, medicines, supplies for companies, basic products, likewise, the President announcement in chain national, that there are already “2,700 million dollars blocked in US banks, that means that the siege is a reality”, therefore, the Petro arises, says the first president.

There is another information that draws attention and is as follows, “And what is so worrying to some about the blockchain of the petro is that it has been instigated by one man, Maduro, and his party, who have a long history of corruption and human rights abuses, as well as a history of stoking hyperinflation, “in this very malicious information, does not show that hyperinflation is initiated from a Web page,” Dollar Today “with a seat in the US and that the US government He has refused to suppress, the courts do not accept any claim against the owners of that Page.

Then he says the following: “Fanusie, who was a CIA analyst, continued: “Assuming that people actually use petro for daily transactions, it would give the government a keen awareness of the citizens’ personal finances.” The information is biased, because according to information from the same government, the “blockchain technology is an open public audit book of free consultation, it is transparent”. Therefore, the information is not seen.

Therefore, there is already an office in the US with large projects, “The FDD is so concerned about the possible nefarious uses of cryptocurrency by sovereign nation states, therefore, a new joint research project has been launched. within the Fanusie department to better understand how Maduro’s petroleum could undermine democracy. ” That is to say that if a sovereign nation state assumes the use of cryptocurrency can undermine or harm democracy, this is worrisome and occupying for all nations wishing financial freedom.

The new project, which is being carried out in partnership with the FDD project in Latin America and the Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare project, is beginning its work using the same transparency that threatens Venezuelans. It is already in the crosshairs of the US research apparatus, to then issue its results to the chain of command, which will reach President Trump.

The official, Fanusie, said the following: “My concern is that the Petro will continue to perpetuate that false democracy, and will only support the authoritarian dictatorship, and all the people of the country.” One thing that is not mentioned is that according to the information that can be seen on the Web, in Venezuela there have been 24 elections in 18 years and that the opposition has won 2, there is lack of advice or biased ignorance of the reality of a country sovereign, all this information is in CNE of Venezuela.

One thing that worries the official, according to her statements is, “some actors involved are very interested in the possibility that Venezuela will succeed in avoiding the sanctions with the petro”. This is the key to the malaise that is causing the project of Venezuela.

They added the following, “Even if Venezuela’s efforts to avoid sanctions end up failing, he believes that other countries are looking, in an effort to learn how to adapt the model to succeed.” This information is shared, Max Keizer, American economist.

On the other hand, to conclude he added the following, “Cryptocurrencies supported by a state. As recently as the Venezuelan case, as is known, a senior member of the Iranian government mentioned the same idea, then the People’s Bank of China and the Russian vice premier announcing similar efforts. “Without forgetting that today the sovereign government of Turkey began the studies of the creation of its cryptocurrency, called “Turkcoin”. This must represent a real headache and concern for the US.

In summary, the sovereign states of different sides of the globe, it seems that it will follow the example of Venezuela, with the creation of its cryptocurrency the Petro, it is necessary to see if the blockades against this nation will intensify, what is clear is that the technology blockchain-bitcoin are here to stay. It waits for new ads.

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Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of infocoin, and should not be attributed to, Infocoin.

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