The Reconstruction of Puerto Rico could be done with Investments from Cryptocurrencies.

There are many opinions that arise regard cryptocurrencies, while a group of people consider that they are just a bubble, or a way for criminals to launder their money, that is simply a bet that has no value or guarantee whatsoever, there is another group of people who see cryptocurrencies in another way and they are convinced that these are the solution to many of the problems that exist today.

There are not a few people who rely on cryptocurrencies, we have seen that over time they have added to the growing faith of the cryptoactive, empresarios, artistas, filántropos, gurús, entrepreneurs, artists, philanthropists, gurus, investors, politicians, economists, and many influential and recognized people around the world who consider that currencies like bitcoin and others have tremendous potential and many practical uses.

Many countries have shown their support or at least their interest in making use of blockchain technology to stimulate their economy or private enterprise, even some have created laws around this crypto trend.

The Puerto Rico island, which was recently hit by Hurricane Maria, was left with a decimated infrastructure and large losses around many houses and hotels that were devoured by the winds that blew last September. Such situation, left the pending task of rebuilding buildings and houses in ruins what supposes an important investment for the public and private sector.

However, this event of nature opened the door to a large number of private investors who have made their fortune around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These crypto entrepreneurs, visualize the island of Puerto Rico as a starting point for an economy based on electronic currencies and related services.

Many of these visionaries have migrated their companies located in California and other parts of the world, to join a common dream, to achieve the reconstruction of a country and to lay the foundations for its citizens to see these new technologies as an opportunity to establish service and tourism companies that revolve around the so-called digital golds.

Entrepreneurs who are already in Puerto Rico looking for properties to buy are organizing events and talking to the authorities to explain the benefits of crypto currencies. They hope to found banks that operate with digital currencies that are not issued by the government and from there open a sea of possibilities for all those investors who want to settle in Puerto Rico to benefit from the low tax policy offered by the island.

It is clear that it is not easy to rebuild an entire country and turn it into the new city of cyber punk technologies, but the initiative seems to be sustained by a series of circumstances that lay the foundations for the construction of something that could be at least an example for other countries that are willing to progress and attract private investment.

Source: New York Times

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