Many Predictions Brings With it the Bitcoin for 2018.

The bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that emerged in 1998, when the businessman Wei Dai suggested the creation of a new type of decentralized money, then Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, inspired by the ideology of Wei Dai, created the bitcoin cryptocurrency, which allows exchange goods and services. This virtual currency had a significant increase in its value for 2017, but at the beginning of 2018 it suffered an abrupt fall, however since February 7 it has had a rebound again in its value, an aspect that many specialists and financial entities have taken as a flag to make predictions of its behavior for the year 2018.

In this regard, Kay Van-Petersen, global macro strategist at Saxo Bank (Danish investment bank), believes that “we will easily see $ 100,000 in bitcoin in 10 years.” Prediction shared with Yuri Pripachkin, president of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, which has indicated that the cryptocurrency could increase more than six times its value, up to $ 100,000. For its part, Mike Novogratz, creator of a crypto fund of 500 million dollars, predicts that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000 before the end of the year, noting that Bitcoin will remain the market leader in 2018.

In turn, Sputnik, Gleb Kostariov, of the press service of Waves Platform in Russia, warned that: “The price of bitcoin by the end of 2018 could exceed $ 15,000.” Similarly, Patrón Bitcoin, a company specializing in bitcoin consulting services, points out that during 2018, Bitcoin will reach $ 50,000.” Warning that all point to the considerable increase in Bitcoin although some do not coincide in that value.

In the same way, financial experts point out that the main banks will start accepting Bitcoin, will offer their storage and access by software; as well as, they will create financial derivatives of cryptocurrencies. In this regard, many experts believe that this cryptocurrency will grow rapidly, but also this year will have to overcome some obstacles such as the competences it has in the emergence of other cryptocurrencies as payment methods, eliminating their exclusivity, as well as the creation of each country of its own cryptocurrencies, such as China, Russia and Venezuela, which basically the latter launches the crypto currency Petro on February 20 (The price of the Petro will be related to the international price of oil, then it can be for: gold, gas, and diamonds), in turn, are backed by the government and regulated by them.

In the same sense, another of the obstacles that Bitcoin will face is the emergence of new hackers that weaken their security. In short, most of the financial experts welcome the stability and growth of Bitcoin for this year, we will wait to see what the trends will be.


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