The Security of the Petro Will Turn it Into a Robust Currency from its Launch.

It is necessary to point out that, the national crude closed this week at $ 61.50 according to the OPEC basket, the price of a barrel of Venezuelan oil continued to rise this week and was paid at 388.08 yuan (61.5 dollars) against the 390.84 yuan (61.35 dollars) in which it closed seven days ago, which means that the Venezuelan petro cryptocurrency has already earned around 8 dollars in its referential value, according to the price of oil in the Venezuelan oil basket.

It is worth considering that 60 dollars is the initial value given to the digital currency created to give economic stability and financial independence to the country. For its part, the Minister of Petroleum and President PDVSA, Manuel Quevedo, reported in mid-January that the country produces 1.9 million barrels per day (mbd) of oil and plans to close 2018 close to the figure of 2.5 mbd , after arriving in 2017 at the “historical minimum” of production of 1.5 mbd. In this sense, the value of Petro is governed by that of the national crude, which undoubtedly is on the rise and which gives great security to the value of Petro.

However, not only the value of Petro in the financial market will be representative, but also the cryptographic security that it offers superior to that used by financial systems around the world. Therefore, it will have a house exchange (Exchange) and blockchain technology with all the possibilities of auditing by the interested parties, which as everyone knows is an organization or center that allows customers to exchange one currency for another in a transparent manner and that can safely provide the necessary operations for any person at national and international level to access the Petro, which will favor attracting investors from all over the world willing to earn a safe income, attracting the maximum number of currencies possible.

In turn, the Minister of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology (Mppeuct), Hugbel Roa announced that 6 thousand young people presented projects to improve the Venezuelan mining scheme. In the same vein, the Venezuelan Government installed the Blockchain Observatory that will govern the operation of the El Petro cryptocurrency, technology that is perfectly auditable, totally transparent, and is a significant guarantee of the birth in confidence of this instrument.

For its part, there are already blogs that support the launch of the petro, among which is the Bitcoin Talk / prestigious Bitcoin and cryptocurrency forum, which talks about Market and Economy, Hardware and Mining, Altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies), and that has highlighted significant notes on the Petro, for something will be.

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