The DigixDAO Cryptocurrency Continues to Rise Despite the Current Market Trend.

Currently there is a marked downward trend in the value of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, which, according to, “has fallen by 16 percent during the same period to 10-week lows below $ 8,000, and is heading towards its worst weekly loss (more than 25 percent) since April 2013, while Ethereum (ETH) has been reduced by 28 percent, IOTA, NEO, EOS and litecoin have also registered losses of more than 20 percent”. Multiple factors affect this low, some of the reasons may originate in that South Korea cut the access that exchange markets of cryptocurrency (exchanges) had to banks, and also vetoed access to foreign operators.

In turn, China prohibited the exchange markets from operating locally, which already caused a drop in the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. For its part, Indonesia has prohibited transactions with cryptocurrency, as well as; Another determining factor has been the appearance of rival Altcoins. It is necessary to remember that in November 2017 the case of the company Parity was reported, where illegal access froze hundreds of millions of US $ in the Ethereum cryptocurrency. In the same way, Facebook has banned advertising for binary options, initial offers of currencies and cryptocurrencies.

However, DigixDAO (DGD), issued by OpenLedger crypto-decentralized financial platform created by CCEDK, a decentralized and transparent Danish exchange house, backed by gold based on Ethereum, has published a 30 percent profit, being a cryptocurrency backed by gold. The DGX ratio is 1 token per 1 gram of physical gold (99.99% LBMA), which is stored securely.

In this regard, it is necessary to take into account the current financial market conditions that DGD uses smart contracts based on Ethereum to record the value and transactions associated with digital gold tokens, likewise, OpenLedger offers a platform to list such assets based in Ethereum for marketing and maintain appropriate records of all blockchain transactions.

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