Are the Current Conditions for the Emergence of the Petro?

The cryptoactive Petro is created as a possible solution to the financial crisis that is going through Venezuelan society, which will be administered by the Venezuelan Government, is backed by mineral assets generating greater confidence than the rest of the cryptocurrencies. However, a few days after its launch in Venezuela, the world panorama of cryptocurrencies is not very encouraging.

According to Coindesk, which is a platform that offers services related to bitcoins, such as the Price Index (Bitcoin Price Index – BPI), which establishes in real time the price of this cryptocurrency, on Thursday, February 1, it states that the bitcoin has a current value of $ 8,799.59, decreasing a percentage of 13.45%, while the Etheroum is quoted at $ 1,018.40, with a percentage decrease of 8.72%, among other cryptocurrencies that are considerably lowering their value.

This abrupt drop in these main cryptocurrencies suggests that investment in them is being mistrusted, in addition to which the Exchange Coincheck recently became one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange houses in Japan and one of the largest in Asia. was the victim of hackers, as they stole virtual assets stolen from their customers for a value of US $ 534 million NEM (NEM is one of the most popular cryptocurrency in Japan and is one of the main by market valuation). Which lets glimpse the vulnerability of them. Equally, another element little encouraging is that the Facebook announced that it will prohibit in its platform the notices that promote the cryptocurrencies, among them the bitcoin.

In this way, we ask ourselves are the Current Economic Conditions for the Emergence of Petro, if it is to say that this cryptoactive is backed by Venezuelan oil, which will increase its value as long as the demand for oil rises. Additionally, it is backed by gold, diamonds, gas and others.

In the same vein, Venezuela has the largest gold reserves in the world, in addition to the world’s first reserves of black gold (oil) and the second world reserves of blue gold (coltan), huge reserves of diamonds, torium, uranium.

This is an incalculable support that Petro has, an aspect that does not have the Bitcoin or the Ethereum, of which a decentralization is proclaimed that is based on trust, and it is enough that there are rumors in the financial market so that this trust disappears and makes fluctuate in price decrease. In this sense, the support that Petro has can be considered, it will guarantee its value in the financial market.

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