I learn and I gain Playing through Blockchain.

Nowadays, numerous games have emerged that allow us to easily learn not only how the blockchain operates, but also to invest in blockchain. These games also allow you to earn virtual currencies, and in some cases you can use them to purchase goods and services or change them to fiat currency. Being one of the most popular free games to win bitcoin the Coin Flapper, the bitcoin version of the extinct Flappy Bird made by the BitPlay Today platform. For its part, the crypto game Dragon Knights of Valeria, offers a gift to the gaming community, providing them the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies as they embark on new conquests, the game is created and supported by CryptoDatabase.

Another of the games is Free Bitcoin page in which you play in a kind of lottery and depending on the number you get in the draw, you will receive a greater or lesser amount of Satoshis (Unit of measure to split a Bitcoin. The equivalence is 100,000. 000 = 1 Bitcoins), meanwhile, FanDuel, a sports betting company, announced that it will establish thousands of dollars in bitcoin format as a prize for the next eliminations of the online football game, Fantasy Football of the NFL.

Similarly, True Flip is a blockchain platform for fair games, based on the innate advantages of distributed accounting books, including the overall transparency of processes, such as the random generation of numbers, the purchase of tickets, the distribution of prizes and an innovative approach to the financial part of igaming.

In the same sense, nowadays CryptoKitties has become fashionable to invest in blockchain. The game is about buying, selling and breeding virtual kittens acquired with ether (ETH), the second strongest digital currency after Bitcoin. CryptoKitties has used the Ethereum Blockchain network to create the first successful decentralized game, and in the long term, developers of the traditional game industry could explore and evaluate the success story of CryptoKitties. The goal of ‘Cryptokittens’ is for people who want to become familiar with ‘Ethereum’ technology to understand how smart contracts and purses work to transfer ‘tokens’.

In general there are thousands of options to learn playing through the blockchain, depending on the taste and preference of people, as well as the level of confidence generated by the game are increasingly users through these games are opened to the possibility of knowing the virtual world of blockchain technology, and its benefits.

Disclaimer: InfoCoin is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this article and is not responsible for their products and / or services. This press release is for informational purposes information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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