German Firm JDC Announces the Launch of Its Blockchain Laboratory.

JDC Group, a financial services company headquartered in Germany, has announced the launch of its blockchain lab, as it advances its digitalization strategy.

JDC aims to explore the use and application of blockchain technology in the insurance industry. It has announced the formation of the subsidiary JDC BLAB GmbH in Triesen, Liechtenstein.

Stefan Bachmann, who previously worked at Google and was appointed to the executive committee of the JDC group this past summer, will be in charge of the Blockchain laboratory strategy. He will work with one of his own teams of experts and consultants in his continuous development.

Bachmann explained in an opening statement the following:

“We are consciously positioning ourselves with an emphasis on Blockchain technology and avoiding the Bitcoin hype.With the IT solutions we currently have, our modern transaction processing infrastructure and the current project team, we are excellently positioned in the value chain for help smart contracts and related product designs based on Blockchain technology to achieve an advance in insurance and investment sector.”

At its official launch, JDC said that the launch of the blockchain lab marks the third phase of its digitalization strategy. Follow the establishment of the IFA, a digital wallet of end customer allesmeins, and the acquisition of the online comparison platform

JDC Group will launch a technical document in late January 2018, detailing its strategy and inviting all those interested in the development of Blockchain technologies to participate in a broad discussion.

Sources: JDC , Procontra

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