Inauguration of the First Cryptocurrency ATM in Chile.

Last night, the Bitcoin community of Santiago de Chile enjoyed the opening to the public of the first cryptocurrency ATM of that country. The inauguration took place within the framework of the CryptoNight event, which brought together more than 150 enthusiasts of digital currencies that live in that city.

The president of the Bitcoin Chile Association, Miguel Klagges explained that the ATM, manufactured by the EasyBit company, allows the purchase of 70 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The ATM includes a touch screen, a scanner, a printer and a money dispenser. It is important to note that the machine only accepts pesos in cash and can be traded up to a limit of 100,000 Chilean pesos (CLP) per transaction.

The ATM menu offers the options to sell, buy, create a wallet (if the user does not have one). This is very important, because it opens very easy options to people who have never done this kind of transactions and did not have a wallet. When it is created, the machine prints two QR codes, the public key one and the private one. With the code, the person starts buying.

As of today, the ATM will be operative in the El Timbre cowork, located at Román Díaz 445, Providencia (near the Salvador metro). Klagges himself will be there all day today to teach interested people in using the machine.

The representative of the Bitcoin Association explained that the commission charged by the ATM is still to be defined, but now it is charging the same as other similar machines in the world: 14% for the purchase and 8% for the sale.

Source: TecnologiaPress , CoinCrispy

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