You Can Now Buy Luxury Stuff With Bitcoin and Have It Delivered.

Crypto’s nouveau rich finally have a way to splash their digital cash. The White Company, “purveyors of luxury to the cryptocurrency world” will furnish buyers with everything from fine art to fine automobiles. The high-end goods can be paid for anonymously in cryptocurrency and delivered anywhere in the world. The company claims to have already concluded a number of major sales.

Cryptocurrency traders have long dreamed and memed of making enough to afford a Lambo. Well now they can – and without needing to cash out into fiat. As The White Company explains:

“We offer a wide selection of authenticated items, from fine art to luxury automobiles. Our clients can purchase any item, delivered to anywhere, with complete anonymity using their Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency wealth.”

Items for sale on the site include a Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4, currently priced at 19.6 BTC, and also denominated in ETH and LTC. Buyers concerned that a brilliant green Lambo won’t create enough of a statement can follow this up with an 18K gold Rolex – a snip at just 1.28 BTC – and an intriguing piece of fine art by Peter Beard dubbed “Double Exposed Horny Rhino”. It’s a real looker, but comes in at 6.4 BTC, or about a third of a Lamborghini.

The White Company’s CEO, Elizabeth White, told the Washington Examiner that the New York firm pays sales tax, but that it is the duty of buyers to comply with applicable laws in their territory. For the ultra-discreet, encrypted transactions and worldwide delivery are all part of the service. Cryptocurrency whales may find the temptation to put a down payment on a luxury sports car too much to bear.

As a press release for prospective customers explains: “If there is anything a client wants to purchase with bitcoin, we will be able to get it for them. Just yesterday we had a client wanting a suite at the Super Bowl and we made that happen.”

The majority of bitcoin millionaires seem content to hold onto their portfolios in the hope that their assets will grow further. Those tempted to realize some of their wild gains, however, finally have a means of doing so without needing to jump through hoops or reveal their identity. This might not have been Satoshi’s vision, but it’s a dream that a handful of the crypto rich will be only too happy to embrace.


Image: Pixabay

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