Nokia Takes Advantage of Blockchain Technology for the Health Area.

Nokia revealed the details of a blockchain pilot whose objective is to give people more control over their personal health data.

In collaboration with OP Financial Group, Nokia seeks to explore the potential of blockchain technology in the field of digital health. The pilot initially has 100 participants and uses Nokia’s blockchain experimental platform, which focuses particularly on privacy and gives users full control over their data.

In the pilot, users are rewarded for sharing data from their Nokia portable devices. The data that a user decides to share are encrypted and can only be read by the participants provided in the platform.

Through the application of the pilot, Nokia Steel HR, the daily steps and the sleep hours of the participants are shared, which leaves a reliable and preserving fingerprint of privacy in the blockchain. Based on the collected data, OP automatically rewards users with points based on their progress towards their fitness goals.

In addition to securing health data, the pilot would encourage companies to explore the possibilities of incentive models, such as smart health insurance and occupational health programs.

“We are excited about the collaboration with Nokia. It is great to see Blockchain applied to something that needs confidence, as in this our pilot, we are joining forces. This pilot is, literally, an excellent example of the technologies that we will use in the future, combined in an innovative way to create value,” Kristian Luoma, Head of OP Lab at OP Financial Group, said.

Nokia said it is the first pilot in which two Finnish companies explore the intersection between technology, health and insurance.

Sources: Ore.Ru , CoinDesk

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