Storiqa Uses Blockchain to Support Small Producers at the Moment of Publicizing Their Products.

Storiqa is a global company which has developed a blockchain based generator that will allow anyone to create an online store and have access to a variety of tools that will help to promote their products / services in the global market. This platform will assist in the launch of new brands, as well as support web commerce initiatives for retailers without an existing connection. By integrating cryptocurrency payments into the platform, Storiqa will offer merchants the acceptance of the cryptocurrency payment, including the STQ tokens of the platform. The platform also provides an ecommerce interface, 24-hour customer support, and assistance in product presentation and localization.

The use of Bitcoin will allow merchants to sell their products to the global market with minimal transaction and security rates, as it does not have to work with intermediaries or bureaucratic entities, Storiqa will also create an integrated exchange where sellers will have access to services for descriptors of articles, videos and photos at a fixed price.

Among the advantages that buyers will have is the acquisition of products using STQ tokens or using their bank card or a payment service. The demand for STQ tokens will be correlated with the growth of the platform. All Storiqa services are paid in STQ. Among them marketing services, goods localization from content and media department. The more activity on the platform, the more profit accrues to all members.

For sellers, Storiqa supplies all necessary expansion services, including marketing, sales support and IT. The cost for this support is based on the amount of orders. By paying the annual fee of 18 000 000 STQ, the seller gains the capacity of an online shop with 4468,000 in annual operating expenses.

The Storiqa ICO will be Nov. 28 to Dec. 28 or when the $25 million hard cap threshold is reached. The soft cap is $5 million. The ICO token price will be $0.003. Investors will purchase STQ tokens by making an ETH transaction to the Storiqa smart contract address. Transactions must be made from ERC20-compatible wallets. The distribution of STQs will be conducted by a smart contract. The funds will be used to launch the platform, integrate the token and market the platform.

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