Australian Pole Dance Dancer Helps Bitcoin Newcomers.

An Australian publication, SBS News, reported on a pole dance instructor who has obtained success with Bitcoin and because of that she has decided to create a website where to teach interested people everything concerning the digital currency. Dee Heath, is the name of this investor, a dancer, specifically of Pole Dance, who after investing in Bitcoin found success, it all started in July when she bought BTC and since then she has tripled her investment.

The dancer has a fitness business dedicated to pole dance in western Sydney, in statements to SBS News, she admitted that despite her passion for dancing, she also fell in love with Bitcoin, it is worth noting that she thinks repeatedly about becoming a full-time investor, despite the risks, but her love for pole dance prevented her, at least for the moment.

Thanks to her success, the businesswoman decided to create a website in which she explains bitcoin to newcomers, so they can get started with the cryptocurrency as well. The website,, essentially gives new users a brief on what bitcoin is, and on how they can buy it and create a wallet.

Explaining her investment, she revealed that it’s important not to let emotions run the way people deal with cryptocurrencies in order to stay safe. She stated:

“It comes with any investing, it’s volatile at times, especially cryptocurrencies. The good thing is when it goes down, you can buy some more, and you know it’s going to go up at some point. As long as you’re calm and you don’t let emotions run you when you’re dealing with any sort of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, then you’re  safe. “

The dancer states that she only invests what she might be willing to lose and that she should keep in mind that she should not be stressed if at some point the Bitcoin suffers some fall in its value.

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Source: ccn

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