New Online Voting System Based on Blockchain “Polys”.

The leading cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab, has introduced a secure online voting system based on blockchain, Polys.

Developed in the business incubator of the company, Polys aims to provide anyone the ability to conduct a secure, anonymous and scalable online voting, while ensuring that participants or organizers can not alter the results.

Vartan Minasyan, director of investment and innovation at Kaspersky Lab said:

“When we explored the possible blockchain implementations in particular, our team realized that this technology combined with the company’s cybersecurity experience could solve key problems related to privacy, transparency and online voting security. We are very happy to have been able to create an adequate environment for this internal innovation. “ 

Polys is based on smart contracts in Ethereum that allows the verification of ballots and votes to be carried out in a decentralized manner.   The decentralized nature of blockchain would allow network participants to verify the accuracy of voting execution, while making it difficult to manipulate voting data since data is stored in blocks of information on the computers of all participants of the network, instead of servers. The system would facilitate the follow-up of the votes and the performance of audits of votes by independent third parties.

Furthermore, within the Polys voting system, blockchain is encrypted and backed with mathematical algorithms to ensure anonymity, hide intermediate results and perform calculations on the encrypted data.

According to the official release, Polys is designed to support voting at all levels and for any number of participants. After a special request from the project, it can be made fully scalable with capacity for thousands of voters in international corporations, political parties, universities, global communities, NGOs, etc. This implementation can be adapted to the specific requirements in terms of authorization, the design of the interface and integration with other services.

Kaspersky said the Polys source code will be available to the public, allowing anyone to test, verify and explore the technology behind it.

Sources: NewsVice , Forbes 

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