European Commission Launches a € 250,000 Blockchain Study.

The European Commission is launching a € 250,000 study to evaluate the opportunity and viability of the EU Blockchain Infrastructure.

The objective of the study is to assess if, when and how blockchain technologies can help public authorities to offer European services and implement policies in an optimized manner. It will examine the opportunity, benefits and challenges of a range of options, including an enabling framework at the EU level or an infrastructure that supports blockchain-based services.

The EC said that it is closely monitoring the developments in the blockchain space with the aim of establishing the right conditions for an open, innovative, reliable, transparent transaction and data environment in accordance with EU legislation.   The Blockchain study will provide a clear understanding of the level of intervention required, as well as the opportunity, added value and conditions for EU action.

“The general objective is to help create favorable environments to implement more effective public policies, facilitating the participation of the private sector with the authorities, developing ecosystems and innovative applications, showing leadership and reinforcing the competitive advantage of Europe and its global blockchain innovators”

The study will examine existing initiatives at national or local level and will address how to scale up such infrastructure at the EU level, including the services that could be implemented in that infrastructure.

The call for bids is now open and the last day for receipt of bids is January 19, 2018.

Sources:  Cryptovest , Globalcustodian

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