New Enterprise-Class Blockchain Platform.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) will launch a blockchain-based offering that will allow enterprise customers to use technology on a much larger scale compared to popular blockchain, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Built on the R3 Corda platform, the new “blockchain-as-a-service” would keep private records. This means that the parties can only see their transactions with an authorized counterparty.

Raphael Davison, HPE global director for blockchain, said that although Bitcoin was “blockchain 1.0”, and has aroused great interest, there are problems related to reliability, security and scalability.

“One client said they needed a 1,000-times increase in the transaction output before they could implement it. So the enterprise people are saying and even the Ethereum people are saying this doesn’t scale. HPE serves “blockchain 2.0,” which is enterprises transacting with enterprises, and they have a different set of requirements ,” he said.

HPE plans to start selling its Mission Critical distributed accounting (DLT) technology next year. Although the company already has several clients in the financial services industry that use its DLT offer, it also seeks to supply other industries, such as airlines, car manufacturers and manufacturers.

Earlier this year, HPE partnered with R3traer Corda to Critical Mission HPE Systems. The goal was to bring the technology to workloads that must be executed at the enterprise level. Recently, the company became a member of ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA).

Sources:  Fortune , HPE

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