If eSports Replace Traditional Sports, Will Cryptocurrencies Be the Main Currencies?

Without any doubt, electronic sports or eSports are an industry that year after year adds more athletes in that area, also fans and profits across the globe, so it is possible to think that eSports in the future will replace traditional, science fiction style?

Growing enormously and diversifying, eSports bets are popular and seeing the trends it is possible that in the future cryptocurrencies completely replace traditional currencies. We know that Bitcoin, Ethereum and other virtual currencies increase their transactions volume and their market value in an amazing way, in addition, they are protagonists in the transactions in Forex through CFD brokers who have great boom.

We will briefly present the fundamental aspects to consider in order to have an idea of what virtual currencies could mean in the not too distant future.

Conventional Currencies Weakness with Respect to the Cryptocurrencies operational system

It is necessary to remember that traditional currency is backed and influenced in its value by both the government and the economy of a country, and how in these are used the assets on which such currency is supported. There will be situations in which inflation, debt accumulation, among others, will negatively affect such currency and, consequently, the capital we have valued in it.

Since the emergence of Bitcoin, with the crypto-currencies, a radically innovative transactional system has been created, which is based on solving a mathematical problem of a certain complexity by computers adapted to this, generating blocks for transactions, and such a task is paid in the crypcurrencies network with a certain number of virtual currencies, the above is known as “mining.”

Virtual currencies and their transactional systems do not depend on economies, governments and central banks, but on decentralized computing capacity and the ability of miners to obtain cryptocurrencies for trading, which is an interesting alternative that has made individuals and companies bet on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

How Safe Are Cryptocurrencies?

Usually, the security system of each cryptocurrency is reliable, despite hacking and stealing millionaires to customers. Such criminal acts against cryptocurrencies have increased efforts to improve defense against unwanted attacks. However, you should thoroughly investigate the virtual currency in which you wish to invest and your security history.

The Most Unfavorable and the Best of the Cryptocurrencies

Virtual currencies, despite having few years on circulation, are shaping up as the foundation of a profound change in economic relations worldwide, thanks to its novel trading system, and remember that Bitcoin started just in 2009.

However, the most unfavorable for virtual currencies is how they can coexist and harmonize with global political-economic systems, the extremely radical freedom they propose and how it would fit the nature of each economy to improve it or even to re-found it.

Instead, the best of cryptocurrencies is the novelty of its transactional system, its efficiency and its security in spite of the aforementioned cyber-attacks. We are in a stage of changes in the use of conventional and virtual currencies. It is necessary to analyze what do they offer us and accept the benefits and challenges they imply, learning the best we can in the face of the uncertain global political and economic future.

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