Bitcoin Fest will Arrive for the First time to Peru

One way to make Bitcoin expand and increase its adoption in a country is carrying out activities to make known the world of cryptocurrencies to a wider audience m uch. For this reason, in Peru they will celebrate the “Bitcoin Fest”, the first event of its kind to be held in the South American country. The event will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, developers, traders, miners, representatives Bitcoin exchange,  experts Blockchain and people who want to learn about cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Fest Peru 2017 will be held on November 11 in Kallpa Club, San Juan de Miraflores in Lima, from 10:00 am and will last more than 14 hours. General admission cost is equivalent to $ 30 and $ 10 for children.

In addition to conferences related to cryptocurrency, with the participation of national and international experts (not yet published the list of who will they be), there will be technological stands, food stalls and Peruvian drink, career drones and  souvenirs sale, among other attractions. All this can be paid with bitcoins. The event will end at night with an electronic and Latin music party.

The aim of the organizers is not only to publicize the cryptocurrency a new public, but also to gather under one roof all the people whose are working in the crypto ecosystem, so they can knoweach other and form alliances.

Sources: Joinnus , BitcoinFestP

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