Lioncomputer, Iranian Computer Hardware Company Accepts Bitcoin.

Lioncomputer, the Iranian computing hardware company has sought to actively engage with the Iranian bitcoin mining community, stating that the company “has supported miners through mining forums and provid[ed] them with the latest mining hardware.” Mr. Ahmadi claims that Lioncomputing has been “the biggest online hardware shopping website in Iransince 2013.”

Import sanctions have made it difficult for Iranian miners to keep up with technological innovation in the mining industry. Mr. Ahmadi states that “there’s very little use of ASIC miners… here in Iran. Because of import difficulties and the price of the ASIC miners, most miners are using GPU. Mr. Ahmadi claims that Lioncomputer  “supplies around 90% of the hardware used in the [Iranian] mining market.” Mr. Ahmadi described that the lack of goods available for purchase with bitcoin in Iran as the primary inspiration for Lioncomputer’s decision to accept bitcoin payments. He also said “as miners were looking for a way to spend their bitcoins and there was nowhere to spend it in Iran at all, Lioncomputer decided to accept bitcoin.”

On October 17 Iran will host BTCday, an event held by Lioncomputer which is designed to promote bitcoin and distributed ledger technology. Mr. Ahmadi says that the event hopes to make blockchain and cryptocurrency more accessible through facilitating opportunities for ordinary Iranians to explore distributed ledger and cryptocurrency technology.

Mr. Ahmadi adds that the response to the event has surpassed his expectations, stating that “tickets were all sold out within 72 hours, and we are still having ticket requests from people and companies.” Mr. Ahmadi states that there will be “700 participants at the event, 500 in the conference hall and 200 viewers online.” He also said that “central bank representatives, governmental and personal organizations, as well as Iranian cyber-police” are expected to attend the event. BTCday is expected to address a wide range of topics relevant to cryptocurrency, including bitcoin’s history, mining, ICOs, legal issues, and trading basics.

With the sanctions severely limiting the economic opportunities available to Iranian businesses and citizens, bitcoin’s fluidity and borderless nature have been expected to attract the interest of Iranians. Iranian English-language media organization, The Financial Tribune, stated that “the widening use of digital currency, specifically bitcoin, in recent years has prompted officials to implement regulatory measures,” suggesting that an increase in Iranian bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption had comprised the catalyst for the development of the regulatory draft proposal. New announcements are expected.



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