SurBTC Installs Operations in Peru.

With three years of life and more than 20 thousand active users between Chile and Colombia, SurBTC exchange decided to expand borders and open operations in Peru. It sealed its income in September with the opening of offices in Lima as the center of operations. The goal is to get at least 20 thousand new Peruvian customers in the first year, so has its CEO Guillermo Torrealba.

SurBTC commitment to sensitize the economic and financial environment.  “We want international transfer companies to start integrating into our system so they can offer their customers more modern services,” he said detail from the company.

SurBTC was born in mid-2014, founded by Guillermo Torrealba and driven by his previous experience as a business consultant and innovation for banking and retail, where he saw and understood what delayed the banking technology was so decided to launch a market which is easy and safe to buy and sell digital assets.

That was how SurBTC created by Agustín Feuerhake, computer engineer and entrepreneur who previously co-founded serial, an application to find restaurants with home delivery, which later sold to PedidosYa, transforming it into one of the few local entrepreneurs have an “exit” with its startup.

In addition to obtaining a Flexible Allocation Seed Grant for the Support of Innovation Entrepreneurship (SSAF) and having passed through   Startup Chile,   SurBTC   has received seed investment from three private investors for USD $600,000 and opened operations in Colombia in August 2016.

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