US Department to Hold a Blockchain Forum

The State Department and US interagency partners will hold a workshop on the Blockchain technology on 10 October 2017.

The one-day discovery workshop will focus on exploring the policy implications and potential applications of ledger technologies that promote US diplomacy and development goals.

The forum’s main objective is to educate colleagues in United States’ foreign policy agencies with a focus on cases of actual use; and in turn also looking romote dialogue with private sector partners toabase themselves in this field to inspire future partnerships for demonstration and experimentation in transformative technology.

Dubbed the “Blockchain State Forum” is promoted by the Office of Global Associations of the Secretariat; the Secretariat for Policy and Planning; the Office of Information Resource Management; the Office of Consular Affairs; the Office of the Cyber ​​Affairs Coordinator; the Office of the Counselor of Science and Technology; the Office of Management, Rights and Innovation; the Office of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor; the Office for Monitoring and Combating Trafficking in Persons; the Office of Economic and Business Affairs; the USAID Development Credit Authority; and the Center for Digital Development USAID’sGlobal Developemnt Lab.

The event will be held at the George C. Marshall Center in Washington, DC.

Jerry Brito, CEO of Coin Center, and Jamie Smith, CEO of Global Blockchain Business School, will give an introduction to the technology ockchain Bl. In particular, the forum will focus on use cases blockchain and is expected to participate IBM, PwC and Microsoft, among others, in the discussion.

Sources: Evenbrite , Cryptovest  

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