BTCPay Starts Its Services.

As digital currencies grow and their use becomes more frequent, it is necessary to open more channels and channels so that customers can make use of their digital assets in the stores for products and services. These are payment processors, which are no more than companies that provide a technological platform to traders interested in accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, so that they receive balances in digital currencies and can exchange them for legal tender money goes to the accounts of the trade, as if it were a transaction made on a regular basis.

According to this movement that increasingly grows, this week has been officially launched BTCPay, a  service for payment processing Bitcoin made with open source technology, which, in the words of its creators, provides greater benefits than other companies operators within this ecosystem.

BTCPay is a newly created company headed by Nicolas Dorier – Lead Developer at NBitcoin and CTO at Metaco. SA – specifically designed to provide services associated with Bitcoin payment processing.

Among the features offered to its users is that it offers greater security guarantees, since the payment server does not need to handle the owner’s private keys, so the money can not be stolen. Moreover, it ensures that it is easy to use and guarantees total transparency throughout the business process, since it allows managing and generating data reports to perform the search of invoices and receipts with total transparency and celeridad.

It is expected that by implementing principles and better adjusted mechanisms, the platform allows its customers to better manage digital assets received through commercial activities, minimizing controls that could be tedious and ensuring total security, privacy and availability balances received without payment of már genes such high commission.

At the moment the platform is requesting the support of commercial ecosystem participants interested in receiving Bitcoin payments to test and finalize the final details for the launch of a more complete version.

The official launch of the service was made on Monday 25 September through the Twitter account of Dorier, who published a message to invite people interested in more economical and profitable services than those offered by BitPay, as well as enthusiasts in favor of testing new technologies, to join the BTCPay website and enjoy the benefits of its product in development.

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