A Changing Financial Landscape

When it comes to wealth, wages, and opportunity, we are in the middle of troubling and frustrating times. Headlines featuring talking points on financial recovery or recession dominate the daily conversation. Meanwhile, the wealthy continue to get wealthier, and wages and investment opportunities for everyone else continue to stagnate. Enter fintech.

This is the reason that fintech, the catchall term for technological innovations that are changing every aspect of finance, is such a celebrated cause. It’s creating opportunity and value in a space that has become known for imbalance and unfairness. Traditional finance is not meeting the needs and expectations of the new economy.

Nowhere is this change more clearly seen than in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies maintain the metaphor of fiat currency while deriving their value from the interest of investors. However, it’s not just a fantastical future niche concept. It’s being embraced by large corporations and stock-market-weary investors alike. Every day seems to yield another initial coin offering (ICO) announcement, and even The Wall Street Journal deemed ICOs the “road to startup riches.” Fintech isn’t fundamentally about lottery style riches. It’s about solving problems, creating opportunities, and building wealth, and those values coalesce at the intersection of private equity, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology.

An Exclusive Club

One sector of the financial industry that is ready for the fintech revolution is private equity investments. In many ways, private equity is the upper echelon of investing. Private equity investments consistently outperform public market investment markets.  As Investopedia  notes, “Private-equity firms have become attractive investment vehicles for wealthy individuals and institutions.” And that’s the rub. Because of the nature of private equity investments in which individuals or companies place their money not in stocks or in funds but in companies, only the already wealthy truly have access to private equity investments. It’s an exclusive club. “At the moment, it’s difficult for the average investor to invest directly in a business,” reports the BBC. Fortunately, fintech is ready to make a difference by harnessing the power and opportunity of new technology to produce a product that maximizes efficiency and increases opportunity.

The fundamental promises of fintech are manifested in blockchain technology that improves efficiency and ensures accuracy. Most prominently, the Ethereum blockchain allows fintech startups and Fortune 500 companies to develop  blockchain based storage that creates new opportunities for customers. Specifically, cryptocurrencies, digital currencies that transacted through exchanges running blockchain technology, are demonstrating real solutions to some of the most challenging problems in finance. The solution to the exclusivity of private equity is found in the tandem action of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Finles Capital Ltd. is launching an ICO for a revolutionary new token, FundCoin (FND), that utilizes cryptocurrency to invest in a private equity fund that bridges the opportunities of blockchain technology and private equity. In doing so, it’s created an avenue for investors of all levels to participate in and benefit from the possibilities of private equity investments.

FundCoin: Opening Doors and Building Value

With the introduction of FundCoin, Finles Capital is changing the rules of private equity investments. No longer is it limited to the already wealthy, because FundCoin equips investors at all levels to participate in this distinguished investment category. The method is fairly simple. Cryptocurrencies have developed beyond the notion of an interesting idea, and they are now being used to transact real commerce for real people. For example, shoppers at overstock.com can purchase goods directly from the platform using Bitcoin. Moreover next to diversifying currency risks, because the stock market has been in an elongated period of stagnation, professional investors are increasingly turning to cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle with greater possibilities than traditional stocks. The Cryptocurrency universe is more diverse than just Bitcoin.

Forward thinking developers are creating a variety of currencies that encompass everything from currency for medical treatments to diversified investment funds that mimic mutual funds. FundCoin joins these other mainstream cryptocurrencies by establishing a secured digital asset that houses private equity and blockchain investments in a professionally managed fund. In doing so, FundCoin looks beyond the limitations of investor access to private equity while opening doors for initial investors to enter the space. Following the ICO, FundCoin will also invest in blockchain companies and specific blockchain ICOs. In order to ensure sustainability, FundCoin will diversify the token by also investing in more conventional assets. As a result, Finles Capital is building value in a previously untapped avenue.  All of this is made possible by blockchain technology which ensures accuracy and security for this valuable digital assets.

Blockchain technology, first introduced in 2009 as the decentralized ledger system that tracks Bitcoin, allows entrepreneurs to build and develop tokens and smart contracts that enable cryptocurrencies to form and function with complete credibility. FundCoin will be hosted on the Etherium blockchain which is gaining notoriety not only for its work with cryptocurrency Ether but also for its broad application in business and finance.


FundCoin’s implementation of blockchain technology offers several advantages to investors. Because the blockchain ledger system is a decentralized log, there is no middle man to collect fees or to raise the cost. As a result, blockchain transactions do not accrue fees that offset the benefits of investment. Moreover, the continual transparency and accountability of blockchain investments ensure that fund managers are acting in the best interest of the investors and that the fund’s ethics are followed. The opportunity for low cost transactions and for full accountability comes without major tradeoffs that should discourage investors. In other words, it’s a win-win, and FundCoin has tapped that potential to create a useable token that proliferates value.

Inclusivity & Opportunity

The fintech industry continues to prove that disappointment and disillusionment can drive innovation and create new opportunities for everyone. FundCoin is combining the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with private equity investment to create an investment vehicle that is more inclusive, positively opportunistic, and sustainable. While financial frustration continues to emanate from the cries of culture, Finles Capital’s FundCoin is creating new investment opportunities that are making a real difference.

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Disclaimer: InfoCoin is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this article and is not responsible for their products and/or services. This press release is for informational purposes only. Information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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