BITA Promotes the Adoption of Blockchain in Transport Industry

A new Blockchain consortium has been established to promote, educate and encourage the development and adoption of blockchain technology applications in the transportation and logistics industry.

Called “Blockchain in Trucking Alliance” (BITA), the consortium seeks to provide greater clarity and standards around the blockchain through education and technology promotion.

Craig Fuller, CEO of TransRisk and co-founder of BiTA stated.  

“We formed the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance to develop common standards around blockchain applications in the trucking industry. The technology holds great promise, but to encourage its proliferation, we felt that developing industry standards were paramount.”

McLeod Software, a leader and innovator in software applications truck, recently joined Bita, joining other members, including Triumph Business Capital, TransRisk, P & S Transportation, US Xpress and Convoy in this initiative.

“McLeod Software is a major leader and innovator in trucking software applications, and because their software is core to so many market participants, they will be key to standardizing blockchain applications and smart contracts. We are ecstatic they have elected to join us in this journey in developing the next great technology.” said Fuller.

On the other hand, Ken Craig, Vice President of Special Projects for McLeod Software argued, 

“McLeod is very happy for the chance to join the Blockchain In Trucking Alliance, and we look forward to working with this great group of companies to advance the goals of making blockchain both practical and efficient for transportation companies.  Blockchains with automation and good connectivity to existing systems could become a critical element of our customers’ business.” 

BiTA aims to build the first set of blockchain technology standards in the specific transportation industry.

Sources:  BiTA , McLeodSoft 

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