Russia’s Ministry of Health Is Launching a Blockchain Pilot

The Russian Ministry of Health is working with one of the country’s state-owned banks to explore possible uses of blockchain.

Vnesheconombank (VEB) unveiled the partnership last week, which will see the development bank and the Health Ministry exploring how the tech could be used to exchange patient history. It further cited a mandate from the government to create a new interagency data-sharing system, suggesting that this could be an area where Russian officials implement Blockchain.

The bank also revealed that it will launch a “Centre of Competencies” through which it will study possible blockchain applications.

Sergey Gorkov, chairman of VEB, said in a statement:

“The Centre will engage in the development of private blockchain using the concerted efforts of the VEB team and an international professional team capable of accomplishing the tasks set by the Ministry of Health. In its turn, the Ministry is to define areas of blockchain application. To ensure greater consistency of work, we invite the Ministry of Health to join the blockchain working group.”

VEB revealed its plans to develop a host of products and services around blockchain earlier this summer. Reports from this week that indicate that the bank is also testing ethereum for charity payments.

Speaking to local media, Gorkov pointed to the need to modernize as one of the driving forces behind his work with technology.

“When we started to think about how to manage projects efficiently, we realized that there is no platform,” he said. “We realized that the blockchain is a good fundamental and qualitative platform for the future.”

Source: CoinDesk

Image: Pixabay

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