Australia’s Living Room of Satoshi Allow Users to Pay BIlls With Bitcoin Cash.

Finding use cases can be a bit problematic for a currency which only exists for a few days. Even though BCH has the Bitcoin name as well, few merchants accept it right now. Living Room of Satoshi is the first major company to do so. They now let users in Australia pay all bills with BCH if they prefer. This is a positive development for Bitcoin Cash and its supporters.  After all, no other major merchant has been inclined to do so.

It comes as a bit of a surprise to see Living Room of Satoshi accept Bitcoin Cash. GPUShack was perhaps the first platform to accept BCH payments. Ever since that time, not too many names have been added to this small list. Having LRoS on board will certainly elevate things to new heights. It is seemingly rather easy to accept BCH payments.

For now, it is unclear if the company uses a manual processing method or a merchant account, though. It seems some users have already used this service to pay bills. One Reddit user claims he paid his car registration with BCH through this service. It goes to show not everyone holding Bitcoin Cash does so to speculate on the price. The goal is to make this new currency viable for purchases and paying bills. That will take some time to come to fruition, though. Rome wasn’t built in one day either.

So far, there is still a lot of time between network blocks sometimes. However, transaction fees are a lot lower compared to Bitcoin, which was to be expected in the beginning. It is nice to see the Living Room of Satoshi bite the proverbial bullet in this regard. If their transactions go flawless, other services may start accepting BCH too.

The currency is here to stay, that much no one can deny.  Some people would like to see things evolve in a different manner, though. Things have been evolving nicely for Bitcoin Cash. Granted, the BCH price dropped a lot these past few days. On the other hand, it seems things are stable now and even showing signs of upward momentum at times. The future looks very promising for BCH, but it is still early to tell exactly. Discussions between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash supporters will not go away anytime soon. Nor should they, as some debate can spark interesting discussions. For now, it is mostly flinging mud and name calling. New announcements are expected.



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