Employee in New York City, sanctioned for mining Bitcoins at work.

An employee of the New York City Department of Education has been disciplined after being trapped by mining bitcoins on his computer.

According to a provision recently published by the New York City Interest Conflicts Board, department employee Vladimir Ilyayev admitted that he mined bitcoins over a period of several weeks between March and April 2014. Bitcoin mining is An energy intensive process by which new transactions are added to the Blockchain, generating new coins with each block being created.

Ilyayev is said to have installed mining software that worked at night, while monitoring progress from his home.

The document, which includes an Ilyatev firm along with New York Department of Education counselor Karen Antoine and Richard Briffault, chair of the Conflict of Interest Board, said:

“I ran the bitcoin mining software on my work computer from 6:00 PM until 6:00 AM every night from March 19, 2014 until April 17, 2014, when my bitcoin mining software Was closed by the Department of Education Division of Instruction and Information Technology.”

The council sanctioned Ilyayev for violating city statutes that relate to the use of time and resources of the city for financial gain, although in the end he was forced to lose four days of paid annual leave for a total of $ 611.

“The Board, after reviewing past cases involving the misuse of City time and resources for gainful activity, has decided not to impose any additional penalty,” the provision says.

Public records indicate that Ilyayev’s case is not the first time an employee of the New York Department of Education was being investigated for using his team to mine bitcoins.

According to a letter from the April 2015 Conflict of Interest Board, a network engineer allegedly attempted to run a mining software on his computer from the Department of Education. However, the engineer’s case was finally disposed of as there was no evidence that he got bitcoins.

In January, an employee of the Federal Reserve Board of Directors received a $ 5,000 fine and was released on parole after he was caught mincing bitcoins on a server owned by the United States Central Bank.

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