Ethereum Plus commits to simplify cryptocurrency: Announces the launch of Smart Contracts

Ethereum Plus advances on the technology front with Ethereum Plus Smart Contrats to streamline access and deployment of existing smart contracts. These flexible programmable ledgers or protocols will help create instructions and move-in funds. The launch of Ethereum Plus will globalize digitized contracts and offer better funding alternatives.

“Catching pace with the best in technology, we speculated a promising venture, Ethereum Plus- a most probable solution to the agony some technologies could project on a layman. We have created built-in templates called Ethereum Plus Smart Contracts to meet the growing business aspirations of millions. It’s like a plug and play feature, so you choose your contract and initiate a transaction” explains Ramaswamy Raja, founder of Ethereum Plus. “We have finally developed an eco-friendly blockchain application.”

Therefore, inexperienced beginners and existing cryptocurrency users can use Ethereum Plus as the best option for keeping coins and trading on it. The ETHP is a decentralized pure currency and will exclude any interference from any organization. “We are very excited about the way we have re-introduced Smart Contracts. We have created ETHPs for those who always want to transact and invest in cryptocurrencies but were intimidated by technical and coding complexities. Members can easily create their own Smart Contracts with a click of few buttons, and no prior knowledge will be required”, adds Saiteja, Co-Founder of Livecoin Capital Limited.

After the launch, ETHP will venture into investments in agriculture, livestock and other segments, financing them and ensuring a greener and cleaner world. “Additionally, we have mapped out the release of only 10 million ETHPs with its launch ensuring an incremental demand of ETHPs.  Keeping it sublime at the ICO event, we will later gear up to embrace the Advance Smart Contracts in the coming year, which shall see technical advancements, add-ons, and easy controls. The coming year will really change the way people would want to transact in cryptocoins, namely Ethereum Plus”, Adds Saiteja.

It is reported that the launch of Ethereum Plus will take place from August 5 to September 11. The tokens released will be available for trading. It will be the best investment plan for investors. The funds raised from the ICO event will help investments into agriculture and farming keeping it transparent, safe and secure.

In summary, this new blockchain ethereum company is a new opportunity to make the investments desired by the interested parties, it is up to each one of them to make the best decision based on their studies and opportunities. New announcements are expected.


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