Ethereum to Hit $1,000 in 2019 and Its Developers Will Obtain Great Earnings.

Luis Cuende, co-founder of Aragon, an Ethereum-powered company that raised $25 million in less than 15 minutes in a token sale, is bullish on Ethereum.

This manager said that every good Ethereum developer he knows is a millionaire since there is a gold rush to learn Ethereum’s coding language. Cuende also believes Ethereum’s price will hit $1,000 in two years. Therefore, there may be a good time for investing the savings of new investors, you should start the study and make the best decision.

All of this bodes well for Aragon, an Ethereum-based project that seeks to build a more global world where intermediaries and borders don’t limit organizations, businesses and individuals. Cuende laid out his plans for Aragon in an interview with Sindre Hopland, writing in

So there are three main groups of users. Aragon’s immediate goal is to be a decentralized transaction platform, Cuende said. There are three main user groups expected to begin using the platform in the fourth quarter. The first will be the blockchain projects that use the platform to project the products.

The second group will be the users of open source projects that contribute to projects and pay with project tokens to ensure governance over the product being built. Open source monetization has been a challenge, which is what Aragon hopes to change.

The first will be blockchain projects that use the platform to govern products.

Ethereum rises in price, but it is still a bargain, that is, it is accessible in price. While Ethereum’s value has skyrocketed this year, Cuende does not believe it’s costly. When the price was $13 a year back, he thought it was expensive, but today, considering the possibilities the technology creates, he thinks it is cheap.

Cryptos are not in a bubble in his view since they remain a small portion of the world economy. In addition, cryptos have not realized their potential yet. One Aragon token, ANT, is worth 0.01 Ether, the equivalent of $2.5 dollars. By the time the network is operating later this summer, the currency’s inflation rate will be determined, which can increase by the added value that gives the new innovations, is an opportunity in investment. At present, there are between 3,000 to 4,000 people who have tokens from Aragon.

Therefore, there is an opportunity with Aragon. Aragon originally sought to battle patent patrols which impede entrepreneurs. Cuende said he hit a bureaucratic wall in trying to get patents. When Brexit happened and Trump became president, things changed. Cuende called this period a perfect storm since he wanted to unclutter organizations and networks. That was when the current Aragon took shape.

In this regard, said in Aragon is not to eliminate public regulation, but to find solutions for those who seek to escape from the bureaucracy. Blockchain platforms allow people to create more value, be more efficient and create new business than using traditional methods. The ICO of Aragon in mid-May should not be compared to an IPO, he said, since ICO does not sell shares to investors. ICO sells tokens that are more similar to the API keys, as Balaji S. Srinivasan points out.

It is noted that Aragon now hasan infinite runway, meaning it can have its 10+ team for 100 years, Cuende said. During its token sale, it was the fourth largest crowdfunding in the world.

The founders sold 70% of the tokens. Aragón Foundation owns 15%, distributing the balance between employees, advisers and founders.

As it is known, Cuende previously co-founded Stampery, a blockchain identification tool that creates proofs of documents, along with Daniele Levi and Tommasi Prennushi. Draper Associates, Boost VC and Draper Associates are among its supporters. One blockchain expert said there are more people in the space than talented blockchain developers worldwide. Cuende thinks there are even fewer good Ethereum developers, which is why the good ones are all millionaires. There are great opportunities to work, create and innovate, in this new technology.

But more than money is motivating blockchain developers, according to Cuende, a stable coin pegged to global currencies that will follow the euro’s and dollar’s value in the markets is an interesting proposition. Cuende said Aragon is integrating these coins later this year, and it will hopefully remove the volatility that crypto suffers from. The company plans to employ 10 to 12 full-time members by year’s end.

In summary, there are great possibilities for investors of acquiring these new cryptocurrencies that as happened with the bitcoin in its beginnings and also there are possibilities for the new professionals who are dedicated to the development of new projects in blockchain. New announcements are expected.


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