ConsenSys Launches Blockchain Initiative for Social Impact

The Blockchain risk platform ConsenSys has announced a new initiative that has been formed with the aim of harnessing the power of Ethereum blockchain for those who need it.

Named Blockchain for the Social Impact Coalition (BSIC), the initiative aims to incubate, develop and implement Blockchain solutions that are invertible, scalable and replicable, while solving social and environmental problems.

BSIC has identified four target areas as initial launch points:

Identity and Vulnerable Towns.

Energy and Environment.

Supply chain.

Financial inclusion.

The initiative will demonstrate Blockchain’s potential to increase transparency, accountability and efficiency in humanitarian organizations and improve the lives of the people they help.

The inaugural meeting included the participation of over 30 representatives from 22 member organizations including EduDao, Disberse, High Tech Humanitarians, Logos Global Advisors, MIT Solve, and New America: Future Property Rights, Nordic Impact, slavefreetrade, Sustainability International, World Wildlife Fund, ALICE, and Tata Consultancy Services. They spoke of existing pain points, predictable challenges in collaboration between sectors and their vision of cases of use of blockchains in the humanitarian space.

Ben Siegel, Policy Manager at ConsenSys said:

“We now have a confederated group of organizations, from a broad range of impact sectors, dedicated to exploring the potential blockchain technology has to aid those in need, and to creating, testing, and implementing the necessary solutions” 

Members will self-select in working groups to collaborate in one of these specific areas. The Working Groups will meet once a month to identify key initiatives, provide feedback on existing projects and formulate strategies to accelerate the adoption of blockchains. In addition, BSIC is creating a network of decentralized meetings, open to the public, and has already launched events in New York, London and Washington D.C.

Source: ConsenSys MediaConsenSys

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