Burger King Russia Franchise Plans to Accept Bitcoin Payments This Summer.

According to the regional news channel, Uznay Vse, a Russian Burger King located in Moscow has begun testing bitcoin payments for food and drink purchases. The option to use the decentralized currency at Burger King Russia locations is expected to be rolled out across a few more restaurants in the country by the end of the summer.

Bitcoin in Russia has grown in popularity, and the country’s government authorities are expected to officially acknowledge and regulate the cryptocurrency in the near future. Now according to reports, Dmitri Medovoy, the general director of Burger King Russia says the fast food franchise is looking for a developer to install a bitcoin payment processing software for the restaurant’s cash registers and  apps.

“The company plans to announce the winner of the tender for development of software that would enable us to accept bitcoins,” said Burger King’s general director. “The contractor will have to develop solutions for Burgerking.ru, the mobile apps for Android and iOS, and cash registers on R-keeper,”

Burger King Russia will begin accepting Bitcoin in 2017. This decision was made due to the success of cryptocurrency.

Medovoy has decided to make Burger King a “market leader” in Russia by planning the expansion of more restaurants in the Siberia region. Currently, the Burger King franchise only has stores in Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Uznay Vse details Burger King Russia accepting bitcoin payments is one the first initial steps towards mainstream merchant services accepting cryptocurrencies in the country.

“Burger King is watching new trends closely, so we decided to launch this project. Cryptocurrency payments are the immediate future,” Medovoy explains.

Burger King’s announcement follows recent remarks by Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev on the introduction of regulatory guidelines for the purchase of cryptocurrencies. In addition, Russia’s central bank has been working on a proposal to classify bitcoin as a digital asset for tax purposes. The Russian Burger King will not be the only Burger King fast food franchise to accept bitcoin, as a restaurant in the Dutch city of Arnhem also accepts the cryptocurrency for food services.

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Source: Bitcoin.com

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