Blockchain Live Already Has Main Sponsor

Blockchain Live, an international conference will release the blockchain value of the company and the public sector, has announced its partnership with, the technology solutions’ developer including software development blockchain, the company focuses technology solutions enterprise level, including EOS, the first blockchain operating system designed to support decentralized commercial applications.

This year’s conference will be held at The Brewery in London on September 20, 2017. Containing throughout 5 stages of content, Blockchain Live addresses the issues and obstacles that vary from blockchain adoption depending on where a Guy is on his blockchain trip. It has separated from its audience in the adopters’ and ‘Explorers’ to ensure that people have access to content that best suits their needs.

“We believe that every centralized business will eventually be replaced by a decentralized blockchain solution, our newest project, EOS, is a high performance generalized blockchain platform that will empower businesses with the scale, security, authenticity and transparency needed to build and support global-scale projects on the blockchain. EOS is the first horizontally scalable blockchain platform with the native functionality of a full operating system and can handle an estimated 100 thousand transactions per second, greatly exceeding current leading platforms limited to 3-30 transactions per second and prohibitive transaction costs.” said Brendan Blumer, CEO of

Blockchain Live will explore ways to move beyond proof of concept to flexible and scalable systems to reduce costs, improve efficiency, transparency and security for both organizations and citizens.

The program will include keynote speeches, case studies in financial services, energy, real estate and government, as well as animated round tables, interactive and detailed workshops on the latest developments in technology and software. The event will be closed with a unique opportunity to establish contacts at a reception offered by beverages.

Speakers at the conference will include:

Brendan Blumer, CEO, Daniel Larimer, CTO and Co-Founder of BitShares and Steemit, Chris Skinner, best-selling author, of ValueWeb and Digital Bank and chair of the European networking forum: the Financial Services Club,  Oliver T. Bussmann, blockchain Advisor to Fortune 100 companies & former group Group Chief Information Officer of UBS and SAP, among others counselors.

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