FINRA will Organize a Blockchain Symposium

The self-regulating organization for US brokers, FINRA, will host a blockchain event in New York next month. Named as a Blockchain Symposium, the event will be at the Central Park Hotel on July 13.

The FINRA Blockchain Symposium will bring together global regulators and blockchain industry leaders to discuss the use of technology, future opportunities it has and challenges. The event is a half-day symposium that comes because of significant funding which has attracted interest in the financial services industry in recent years.

This FINRA announcement came in conjunction with the launch of its new Innovation Outreach Initiative, which, according to a statement, will act as a kind of communication hub for members dealing with new financial technologies, including blockchain.

The symposium will deeply examine the changes that are occurring or may occur in the future because of the implementation of blockchain technology applications in the financial industry. In addition, the event will feature panel discussions on possible market implications and regulation on such changes.

It will feature expert speakers from the industry. Speakers included Bethany (Beth) Dugan of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Jennifer Peve of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), Todd McDonald of the Blockchain R3 consortium, John Zecca of NASDAQ, Inc.

A symposium is a type of social gathering in which diverse individuals come together to discuss, talk and exchange ideas on a specific topic or that has already been previously established. Lately it has been exclusively related to academic talks in which one or more specialists expose and develop theories on different topics for a previously organized and registered audience, the audience has the possibility to ask questions and in this way the symposium is interactive and The conclusions are constructed in a participatory manner.

Registration is ongoing and tickets have a price for both members and non-members, depending on the needs of the attendees.

Source: FINRACoindesk

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