Consensus 2017 Recap: The Most Outstanding Moments

Consensus 2017 blockchain conference may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the action that took place on the main stage. From breaking announcements by entrepreneurs to key insights by leaders from a wide range of industries, regulators and everything in between, the three-day event was abuzz with activity.

CoinDesk’s Alex Sunnarborg gave the opening presentation at Consensus this year, providing a broad-ranging overview of the blockchain and digital currency sectors.

In the first panel; EU, India Governments See Path to Global Blockchain Adoption: This panel showcased the worldwide scope of blockchain, it was this one. Panelists drawn from India, China, the European Union and Australia dug deep into the core issues facing global adoption. The panel provided a key window into the area of public sector blockchain applications, including insights from NT Arunkumar, special representative for IT & Innovation for the government of Andhra Pradesh.

“There needs to be more cross-border orchestration,” he argued, “We definitely believe after the internet, this is the next big thing that will change every aspect of a person’s life.”

In anothe panel, IBM Thinks Blockchain Could Save Shipping Industry ‘Billions’: The  software giant IBM has made trade finance and supply chain management major planks of its blockchain strategy, leading it to ink cooperative deals with major shipping corporations like Maersk and global retailers like Walmart. Arvind Krishna, director of research at IBM told the audience that this could be achieved through the broad digitization of the certification process that takes place as goods move throughout the world. “We believe that just doing this kind of digitization can result in tens of billions of dollars saved across that network,” he said.

Also, the entrepreneur Vinny Lingham Announced ICO: The former CEO of gift card startup Gyft who departed that firm to start blockchain startup Civic, which was backed at the time with $2.75m in capital. Now, Civic is looking to raise as much as $33m in its ICO, the tokens of which will provide access to the product and allow token holders to benefit from its network effect, according to Lingham.

In another hand, Bitt Reveals Big Plans for Cross-Caribbean Blockchain Settlement Network: News of a blockchain-powered settlement system that’ll span the Caribbean was one of the more groundbreaking announcements to appear on the Consensus 2017 main stage. The idea is to link the region (with its distinct local cultures, economies and currencies) via the tech, creating a wholly new settlement system.

“The end-game solution is that central banks will be able to use legal tender issued on the blockchain, with all the checks and balances you’d have with regulated financial institutions,” Bitt co-founder Oliver Gale said of the project.

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